What is Red Clover (2012) Really About?

The focus of this review will be Red Cover and as always there will be spoiler.logo

Red Clover is a film about an evil leprechaun, this sounds like it will be original, right?lerechaun box set

Four Leaf Clover, Leprechaun, Creature after Gold and the name O’Hara, could this film be any more Irish?irish sterotypes

Oh wait, Irish music, whisky and lucky numbers, all we need now is a pint of Guinness and we might as well have it set in Ireland.gusiness

Pop has a drinking problem because his life’s pursuit searching for leprechauns is now putting his family in danger.

Teenager girl has nightmares about future events cliché.

Killer leprechaun goes on rampage but is happy just to stalk Karen from tall grass.creature

Also what the hell is this Leprechaun, its human size and has no charm about it?gold

Courtney auditions for Unfriended with awkward Skype conversation with a boy who has a crush on her, and a ‘scary’ vision of the ghost creature now.unfriended

Father thinks waffles will make everything better between him and his daughter.waffles

Teenagers actually use books t learn about legend, come on seriously have you met the kids today?

Did this film just create Sharknado?sharknado

Leprechaun creature actually drives a car, come ondriving

Four horse shoes are the answer to stopping leprechaun who just seems to randomly track down people to kill.horseshoes

Billy Zane must be wondering what happened to his career because Titanic seems like a long time ago now.titanic

Big name actors die leaving William Devane wondering what Presidents do when they retire.24

Creature that kills everyone with ease can’t take out one feisty teenager.karen


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