What is Mr Brooks (2007) Really About?

The over looked Mr Brooks will be the next film to go through this style of review, please remember this is spoiler heavy.logo

We start with the introduction of Dexter Morgan, I mean Mr Earl Brooks the well respected business man who has a dark passenger. Wait are you sure this isn’t Dexter?dexter

Earl has been battling against the dark passenger while committing his murders but making mistakes which leads to him getting caught.double act

Troubled clichéd Detective is on the case showing that she will over come her personal issues and solve the crime.detective

Demi Moore brings a character who is going through a messy divorce to the bring off screen experience to the big screen.

Serial killer can’t read his daughter’s secrets even if there might be a murderous side to this secret.jane

Mr Brooks (Kevin Costner) gets blackmailed by Mr Smith (Dane Cook) into committing a murder with him, but let’s face it this isn’t the first time Kevin Costner has been blackmailed, Postman & Waterworld anyone?blackmail

Family that is seemingly happy has two killers in it but none of them seem to know the other is a killer, I am starting to think this is what happens in the real Mr & Mrs Smith household.family

Dane Cook in a serious role is very uncomfortable but at least he isn’t telling unfunny jokes.cok

Lots of driving around at night having conversation, yay because talking is what makes thrillers interesting.brooks nd smith

Lead character has a plan up his sleeve which is just doesn’t let us know until it all unravels in final act.grave

Final scene that shocks us only to ruin it with the dream sequence idea, it was shocking why ruin it?


  1. A while back i was watching this with a few friends and when the second to last scene happens, one of them was like, ‘Yes! That was awesome.’ Then the last scene happened and he said ‘Nope, that ruined it.’ I was laughing pretty hard.

      • It should have been. I didn’t think about how much better it would have been if it did end there until my friend flipped out about it. Mr. Brooks is a great movie but that would have made it that much better.

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