What is Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Really about?


What is Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Really about?

This is the latest of the fun review and what better than this film?

I am not gonna lie, I am scared on so many levels about this film.

Mining in Congo, isn’t that Jurassic Park point of origin?

White man making black men do the work isn’t that slavery and racist?

He is dead man.

Giant Fucking Crocodile oh that is why it is called Crocosaurus.

Navy Ship to the rescue with a shark guy on.

Shark repellent well why not.

Wait this is a sequel?

Giant shark attack on Navy ship girlfriend killed to inspire motivation. But ship sank.

Time to meet the hero Nigel.

We pay well, ok I will find your creature.

Good work Nigel he killed/captured the Crocosaurus.

Lone survivor.

Giant Crocodile Eggs doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Mega Shark sees Crocosaurus as a nice meal, big mistake.

Admiral must have been friends with Will Smith in Independence Day because he won’t smoke cigars until job is down.

We are the Men in Black of the Megalodon hunting team.

Old friends and opposites have to work together cliché.

What type of egg is it, shark or crocodile?

Submarine called USS Reliant isn’t reliable.

Tiny Tanks squashed.

San Francisco and New York are too expensive to destroy in this movie, let’s find a smaller town Miami.

Too many balls jokes for its own good.

Repeating orders because the script it too short?

Lets make a trap.

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.

Tidal Wave.

Fuck these special effects are beyond terrible.

Panama is gone because money.

Slow motion running because Baywatch.

Lets blow up a volcano with a nuclear bomb filled giant shark, well it is original.

These effects look like the opening levels of the game Spore.

Well this was just terrible


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