What is Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) Really About?

Kingsmans is up for this review now so remember this is spoiler heavy.logo

Kingsmans get the entire plot of Men In Black III down in two scenes, with older character protecting child of fallen brother.mib3

Present day we meet slick agent that takes out all henchman to save Luke Skywalker.luke

Said agent gets killed by Samuel L Jackson doing his King’s Speech impression and his deadly assassin with blade legs, original idea for once.jacksongazelle

Secret club has secret meeting to select new secret agent with secret glasses and special drinks around the round table.meeting

Colin Firth has had enough of all these romantic comedies and decided to go all Liam Neeson on us by being an older action star.neeson

Time to meet typical generic London young adult who has little chance of future with clichés including talking like Bruv, getting into trouble with the law and a Millwall scarf.eggsy

The young character gets in trouble leading to Kingsman come to rescue and offer him a test or he will erase his memory, wait this sounds familiar.memory

Eggsy takes test and looks completely out of place next to the highly educated characters also up for the tests.traiing

Tests ideas seems like complete couple of Men in Black, well these guys do where suits too.look good

Mark Hamill’s head explodes isn’t this just what happens to his Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum?jker

Villain happens to millionaire that is celebrated in the celebrity world.valentine

Jackson & Firth meet swapping comments which would normally be from the other person.swapping

Eggsy completes tests in alternative style proving that he really is just Agent J.test

Coolest scene in a church in film history with so many kills showing the Colin Firth is letting out all the rage after making the Accidental Husband, Mamma Mia, Before I Go To Sleep and The Devil’s Knot.church

Is this the first time Colin Firth has died on camera?death

Leader of secret service has been turned cliché but newest member has worked it out.caine

Super villain has secret base with endless henchmen who have also been to Storm Trooper school of shooting.henchman

Newest Kingsman takes out villain and deadly henchman that hasn’t been remotely challenged so far in the film.final fight

Leading character switches off secret equipment to have a night with the girl James Bond style.gettin girl

Eggsy is now fully trained ready for the sequel.final


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