What is Inside Man Really About?


For the fun review I am looking at the brilliant Inside Man.

This film has 6 Oscar nominated actors in, Washington, Owen, Foster, Plummer, Dafoe and Ejiofor as well as having an Oscar nominated Director Lee.

Clive Owen pretty much gives away the ending in the opening lines.

We get a tour of the city of New York as the robbers all get picked up before arriving at the bank.

Bank Robbery cliché.

Our lead character needs to redeem himself in both his professional and personal life along with getting advice from his partner cliché.

Flash forward to after the robbery showing that hostages do get out.

Owner of the bank has a secret in the bank that involves getting lady with special talents as well as desecration.

Spike Lee throws out a political message about minorities being treated different.

The 50 Cent reference is funny now because it is ‘get rich or die tryin’.

Spike Lee continues to throw in racial moments.

Throw the rule book out the window.

Mind Games.

Shoot first.

What Happened?


I Told You So.

Fake laughing

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