What Is Dragnet (1987) Really About?

Dragnet is my next review, this will be spoiler heavy, so you have been warned.log

In the opening moments we have had three separate narrations.friday

Joe Friday is all suit meets new partner Tom Hanks fresh from Castaway, before suit him up.castawyscurrfy cop

Seriously is this going to be narration all the way through?friday

Zoo scene is involves a conversation about whether animals will enjoy being in cages.lion

Rip off Playboy Mansion called Bait, filled with gorgeous woman called Bait Mates.bait

Odd couple have car stolen while having diet decisions.dinner

Introducing Reverend Jonathan Whirley who wants to change America. Who would ever think a man of the church was evil?reeverened

80’s montage car chase with gentle classic rock music.

Awkward undercover costumes for Joe & Pep.undercover

P.A.G.A.N try to perform ritual sacrifice but odd couple work together to save victim.connie

By the book cop loses badge by going trying to arrest a big public figure giving away all the information on their case.pagan card

Hamburger phone that Juno stole.juno

Laid back cop has to go serious to save his partner and the city.pep

Two cops break into mansion party to finally take down villain and prove they were right all along.jail

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