What is Dracula Untold Really About?

Dracula Untold is the next film for the tongue in cheek review.logo

Because we haven’t seen many Dracula films have we?draculas

Villain from Fast & Furious 6 meets villain from Need For Speed, this is the fast track to the horror genre for them both.cars

History lesson to start the film, great.history 1

Creature in a cave cliché.cave

History lesson given to main character.history 2

Vlad has a family that don’t care that he kills thousands of people.family

Vlad fights against his former brother who wants his kingdoms children to join their army.friends

Blood deal signed by both brothers.blod cotract

Stark boy leaves Game of Thrones survives a massive earthquake before being sent to become a child slave warrior.stark

Vlad shows how good he is in combat but beating a group who attack one at a time.vlsad

Vlad makes another deal with a Lannister, I mean a vampire to gain his powers.lannister

Vlad goes all superhero origins story on us when he has to learn to control his new power.powers

Vlad single handedly takes out an entire army without getting wounded.first win

3 day war, well this will be interesting.3 day war

Blood Lust starting.blood luust

Vlad lives up to his name as the impaler.impaler

Night battles and a game of peakaboo.peekaboo

Vlad manages to mix Harry Potter and the Last Airbender to make Bat Waves.batwave

She survives massive cliff fall only to push Vlad into become the icon we know as Dracula.death

Vlad brings builds his own undead army to claim vengeance against the Turks.army

Vampires control the weather now because film.weather

Vampires versus humans well that doesn’t seem fair does it?vampir v human

Silver room for final battle between vampire Vlad and Mehmed.silver

All other vampires are evil after being made cliché.buffy

Brilliant vampire melting in sunlight scene.burning

Dracula isn’t dead and a Stark is on the Iron Throne.iron thron

Ending copies The Dark Knight Rises with a dead character coming back being see by elder character.dakr knight

Also a copy of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, also staring Dominic Cooperlincoln


  1. I like your statement: “Vlad single handedly takes out an entire army without getting wounded.” It was like in Lord of the Rings 3 when that ghost army wipes out the entire battlefield. It destroys any suspense or tension in the film.

    One thing I didn’t like about Dracula Untold (and it’s a big thing) is that they turned Dracula into a Marvel comic superhero. He could have been a member of the X-men, and that’s not who Dracula is.

    I wrote a short essay on Dracula Untold called “The Doctrine of Jihad.” I examined the real history of Mehmed the Conqueror. If you would like to read it, I am open to any helpful feedback: https://christopherjohnlindsay.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/dracula-untold-2014/

    • Nice, it is good to see someone take the time to learn about the villain of a historically twisted story rather than only focusing on the heroes

  2. Well, I’d tell you to be yourself, but I have no room to talk. I’m a chatterbox and all my reviews are only a few sentences.

    I am, though, starting to do new & different kinds of posts. And that’s largely thanks to you and Drew.

    So, don’t underestimate your influence. 😀

    • Thanks have you joined the LAMB yet? link on my site,

      have you thought about podcast, video reviews before?

      hopefully you got the mesage about the Stephen King blogathon that youo should come take part in should be good, rob gets a lot more hits comment wise than i do.

      • I’m really massively introverted and clam up quickly with only a few people around.

        I was chatting with Emma about podcasts and had never considered that, if I clam up in person, I’d just clam up during a podcast.

        Video reviews sound like a lot of fun, but the equipment costs, editing time, and consistency in publishing seem intimidating.

        The Stephen King thing sounds cool. Never got a message, where should I look for it?

      • I sent it to the same address we use for Opinion Battles, It is in October,

        For those DVD updates i literally start and stop no editing used. i would love to start a podcast and i feel once i find the people to have the right banter i could get one going, i am going to be on my first next month.

  3. It stinks that the more blogs I follow the less posts I read.

    I wish I had any good advice, but I don’t think the quality of a post has anything to do with the feedback it gets.

    • I might just save it for bigger films rather than every film which i was doing it for, i used to write parts of them while working so when i finish my time off i might get back into them.

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