We Burn Like This (2021) Movie Review


We Burn Like This – Slow Movie

Director: Alana Waksman

Writer: Alana Waksman (Screenplay)

Cast: Devery Jacobs, Madeleine Coghlan, Jenna Ciralli, Kendra Mylnechuk, Megan Folsom, Kate Britton

Plot: When 22-year-old Rae, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, is targeted by Neo-Nazis in Billings, Montana, her ancestors’ trauma becomes real.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: We Burn Like This starts as young woman Rae (Coghlan) is starting to question everything around her life. Finding herself feeling like an outsider in a Neo-Nazi city in America.

Rae looks to find herself by returning home, where she will start to have the feelings, her ancestors once felt. Being left to try and figure out her own life.

Thoughts on We Burn Like This

We Burn Like This is a drama that follows a young woman trying to figure out her life. Dealing with emotions she doesn’t understand, seeing the racial tension still going on in a town. Learning to understand that people are still looking at people like her differently.

This is a slow-moving drama that doesn’t manage to get an impactful scene. Each event feels like a ‘bad’ day, showing how missteps cause pain, but something she could recover from. It feels like we are waiting for a big moment to happen, one that doesn’t happen.

Madeleine Coghlan is great in the leading role. Showing the emotions her character is going through, from the lost and lonely position to the one who feels left out.

Final ThoughtsWe Burn Like This is slow movie that doesn’t hit the hard places it sets out to.

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