Tosh (2022) Movie Review ‘Fairy Tale Football Documentary’

Tosh – Fairy Tale Football Documentary


Director: Pete Jones

Plot: The extraordinary story and fairytale rise of Swansea City under John Toshack. Premise – Tosh joined the Swans at the bottom of the 4th Division in 1978, and by spring 1982 they were top of the 1st Division.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Tosh

ThoughtsTosh is a documentary looking at the iconic football manager John Toshack, as he starts to see his playing career at the top coming to an end at Liverpool, offered a chance to become player manager back in his homeland of Wales, for his hometown rival club Swansea City. Tosh came in as a player manager in the fourth division of English football and promising to have them in the first division within three seasons. The documentary will see the players from the teams, John Toshack himself who got to have the most enjoyable spells of their careers through this fairytale era. Being from another town who experienced the sudden rise of a football club against the odds, to go onto battle the biggest teams in England, I can see the passion the fans, players, managers everyone involved in the club would have gone through, thanks to a manager who took up the managerial roles at a young age and make a town’s legacy change forever. Sport has always created fairy tales, this is like many of them, showing the positives from the amazing rise, without getting enough clips from the biggest moments, which is understandable, given the era of the football.

TOSH will have its UK Premiere on 13th May at Swansea Stadium, in UK Cinemas from 17th May and then available on Digital Download, DVD & Blu-ray from 6th June. More information at

Final Thoughts Tosh shows the joy a fairy tale rise in football can bring to everyone.


    • I hope you get to enjoy it, as a football (Soccer) fan, my home town had a similar story to this, so i completely know how this feels as a fan of the events

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