Top 5 Wes Bentley Roles

Wes Bentley has 42 credits to his name according to the IMDB, these range from uncredited film roles, television right up to Oscar winning masterpieces. Wes does choose some different roles to what he could do and he has never seem to quite have cracked the lead role in Hollywood, with his most successful roles being in the supporting roles. Today I am going to look at my favourite roles of his career.

5. Peter Hood – Gone (2012)5

Peter is one of the detectives trying to find the missing girl.

4. Hirokin – Hirokin: The Last Samurai (2012)4

Hirokin is a reluctant samurai who ends up leading a nation of people to freedom. This was one of the stranger roles he plays but it turns out to be quite good.

3. Jack Durrance – The Four Feathers (2002)3

In this remake of the classic Jack is one of the men who went to war while his friend was too scared only to end up in too deep.

2. Seneca Crane – The Hunger Games (2012)2

The host of the Hunger Games, while not everything goes as planned he is left to pay the price for Katniss and Peeta’s rebellion against the system.

1. Ricky Fitts – American Beauty (1999)1

The strange neighbour to the family, who loves to record things in life, with his favourite being a bag blowing in the wind.

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