Top 5 Ted Levine Roles

Ted Levine has 69 credits to his name according to the IMDB; he usually plays a supporting role in film and is often able to perform at high levels without collecting all the praise that the stars of the film receive. Today is his birthday and I am going to look at my favourite five roles of his career.

5. General Woodman – Evolution


A rival General who wants to do everything by the military book, going against Ira and everything he stands for. Good authority villain role showing he can perform law characters either side of the fence.

4. Warden – Shutter Island


The warden of the mental hospital being investigated by Teddy Daniels, in this Martin Scorsese thriller.

3. Thomas Blackburn – Banshee Chapter


Thomas is writer who has written about the Banshee Chapter who ends up uses the drugs from the experiments to his leisure before the truth finally starts to come out, he has to join forces with a reporter to uncover the truth. A small budget horror that really comes off for him.

2. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer – Monk


As Adrian Monk’s former partner and friend, Leland has help from Mr Monk to solve cases all over San Francisco as well as dealing with all the quirks that comes with. Leland has a great patience for Monk’s antics as well as running a police squad. Ted is great in this role with his serious side working well with Monk’s alternative side.

1. Buffalo Bill – Silence Of The Lambs


In one of the greatest horror thrillers of all time Hopkins and Foster get nearly all the praise and awards. But it is Ted’s work as the deranged killer Buffalo Bill that is a brilliant performance that really does stand equal to them both.

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