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Top 5 Summer Glau Roles


Summer Glau would be considered one of the Queens of the geek world, today I am looking at my favourite 5 roles of her career.

5. Herself – Big Bang Theory (2009)

In this episode of the hit show Summer finds herself stuck on the train with everybody’s favourite geeks. She plays out how she tries to be nice to all her fans even the ones that creep her out.

4. Cameron Phillips – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV)

Cameron is a Terminator who has been sent back to protect the Connor’s from other Terminators sent back to destroy them.

3. Skylar Adams – Alphas (TV)

Skylar is a recurring role in the show who is trying to get away from the Alphas problems, Skylar has the ability to create anything but wants to give it all up to keep her daughter safe.

2. Jack Abernathy – Mammoth (2006)

When an alien species takes over the body of an extinct mammoth, it starts running terror across a small town, Jack and her family have to try and stop it before it ends up causing more damage.

1. River Tam – Firefly (TV) Serenity (2005)

River is the strange sister of one of the crew members who is the catalyst to the main Alliances Officers hunting them, but she is also been trained to be a ruthless killer but only when she lets it out.

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