Top 5 Sean Bean Roles

Sean Bean with 105 credits to his name Sean is usually the go to guy for a villain as it is well known he has one of the highest totals of screen death in film history. His tough guy persona only builds up when you hear the story of when he was stab and just went back to the bar for another pint. Today I will look at my favourite roles of his.

5. Doctor Bernard Merrick – The Island


The Michael Bay action film sees Sean play the villain behind creating human clones so that when the human version of themselves need body parts they take them out of the clone. Merrick has to recruit a team to track down two such clones that have escaped.

4. Ned Stark – Game Of Thrones


Ned Stark is one of the potential kings in waiting in the mystical world, Sean was one of the draws for the start of the show and after his shocking death in season one his performance will always be remember.

3. Boromir – Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring


Boromir is one of the warriors went to protect Frodo on his adventure to destroy the ring, but when he sees the power he wants it for himself.

2. Partridge – Equilibrium


It might only be a small role as Christian Bale’s partner who has started to feel emotions in an emotionless state but his character delivers the catalyst for the future events.

1.       Alec Trevelyan – Goldeneye


Bond villain who turns on the service, who ends up with one of the most iconic bond villain deaths.


  1. No-one said Sharpe!!!! Haha.

    I’d have to say the Lord of the Rings guy, just because I love that internet meme “one does not just walk into….” 🙂

      • Oh no not at all! I was only kidding really, Sharpe is an old TV show, A LOT of middle aged women are still in love with him lol. He was the ‘Poldark’ of his time!! Ha ha.

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