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Paul Walker was one of Hollywood favourite stars, one of the genuine good guys in the business. He was getting some of the best reviews of his career before his untimely death late last year. Starting today and going through the weekend I am going to be looking at some of his films and remembering the legacy he left in films. Paul has 41 credits to his name and will always be remembered for Fast & Furious character Brian O’Connor, but some of the smaller films he did really gave his best performances. Today I have put my list together against a friend’s Aled list. which one do you think it the best?

Aled’s Top 5

5. Michael Woods – Vehicle 19


4. Jared – Into The Blue


3. Hank Hansen – Flags of Our Fathers


2. Bryan O’Connor – Fast Furious Series


1. Ben Garvey – The Lazarus Project

Lesley’s Top 5

5. Jared – Into The Blue (2005)


4. Jerry Shepard – Eight Below (2006)


3. John Rahway – Takers (2010)


2. Michael Woods – Vehicle 19 (2013)


1. Brian O’Connor – Fast & Furious Series

My List

5. Lance Harbor – Varsity Blues (1999)

Lance is the start quarterback in the high school football team, but when injury ends his season he has the watch as the second string quarterback has to carry the hopes of the team and the community.

4. John Rahway – Takers (2010)

John is part of an elite team of thieves who go for one more job which puts all their lives at risks when a reckless cop starts tracking them down.

3. Joey Gazelle –Running Scared (2006)

Joey is a low ranking thug who is trusted to dispose of a gun used to kill corrupt cops but when the gun ends up outside his hands things start getting out of hand.

2. Nolan Hayes – Hours (2013)

When Nolan’s wife dies given birth to their child, Nolan faces off against a hurricane which has lead to the hospital being evacuated and him and his child stuck alone while he has to keep a generator going he also has to deal with the need of food and unwanted guests. This is easily the performance of his career, as he is the sole character pushed to his limits going through every type of emotion.

1. Brian O’Conner – Fast and Furious Franchise

Brian starts off as an undercover cop, but his love for cars makes him part of the family, with their jobs getting bigger as the franchise continued this will always be his most notable role and we hope they gave him a proper send off in the seventh film out April 2015.


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