Top 5 Paul Dano Roles

Paul Dano has 33 credits to his name on IMDB, with a string of indie films that got rave reviews and stepping up to the more commercial market in supporting roles that create a memorable character in a short amount of time on screen. Paul is a reliable actor that always gives strong performances and doesn’t always need to be the star of the show. Today I am going to look at my favourite five roles of his career.

5. Seth – Looper (2012)5

In the world of time travel where a young ‘Looper’ has to kill people returning from the past, but when the looper kills his older self he is out the business. Seth fails to kill his older self and ends up hiding out with the hero Joe, before having one of the most devastating fates you can imagine.

4. Dwayne – Little Miss Sunshine (2006)4

Dwayne is the teenager son of the family who doesn’t say a world, until he finally breaks at lets out all his frustration. He cares about his family and will go to all measures to protect them.

3. Brian Weathersby – Gigantic (2008)3

Brian is the lonely warehouse salesman who wants to adopt a Chinese baby, when he meets the strange Happy and falls for her, but still wants to keeps the adoption happening. This is one very strange comedy but very enjoyable.

2. Calvin Weir-Fields – Ruby Sparks (2012)2

Calvin is a struggling writer who one day writes about a young lady called Ruby, who to his amazement becomes real and he ends up in a relationship with her, where he can change who she is and what she does but simply writing it into his story.

1. Eli Sunday – There Will Be Blood (2007)1

Eli mentored by Daniel and later clashes for power of the oil money. They both battle using intelligence but Eli usually ends up being embarrassed by Daniel.

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