Top 5 Mila Kunis Roles

Mila Kunis is the Ukrainian beauty who has won sexist woman alive on multiply occasions. She rose to fame with the sitcom That 70s show before gaining herself a Golden Globe Nomination. According to the IMDB she has 57 credits to her name and I am excited about Jupiter Ascending I will be looking at my favourite roles of her career so far.

5. Rachel Jansen – Forgetting Sarah Marshall5

Rachel is the girl next door type of girl, that helps our hero try to get over his ex-girlfriend. She helps him open up and discover a new world and a new love.

4. Lori Collins – Ted4

The very patient girlfriend of our hero, who only wants a commitment but Ted keeps getting in her way, even though she loves them both, she just wants her man child boyfriend to grow up.

3. Theodora – Oz the Great and Powerful3

This role changed how people would see Mila, she starts out all sweet and innocent before being turned into the wicked witch of the west we all know from film history.

2. Jackie Burkhart – That 70s Show2

Starting off as Kelso’s boyfriend she becomes the symbol of the demanding girlfriend thanks to her desire to be treated like a queen.

1. Lily – Black Swan1

The rival in the dance studio who is also after the lead role against Natalie Portman’s slowly slipping mind.


    • Thanks, i think all the performances on the list are great, but at the time i don’t think many people thought she could achieve what she did in black swan

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