Top 5 Mike Vogel Roles

Mike Vogel has 30 credits to his name according to IMDB he has a string of supporting roles in films along with some lead roles on television. Today I am looking at my favourite roles of his.

5. Andy – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)5

On the first attempt at a reboot of the horror franchise who becomes one of the victims of Leather face.

4. Jason Hawkins – Cloverfield (2008) Review 4

Jason is the brother of the lead, Jason dies early on in this film when the bridge he is on gets attacked by the creature attacking New York City.

3. Jack – She’s Out of My League (2010) Review3

Jack is one of the friends of the lead who is trying to impress the girl who is out of his league, Jack gives the advice to help get the girl but is always a good friend.

2. Deputy Zack Shelby – Bates Motel (TV)2

Shelby was a big part of the first season of the television show, he has mixed motives during his time in the show.

1. Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara – Under The Dome (TV)barbie

Barbie is a stranger in the small town that gets trapped under the dome, as the outsider he is considered the bad guy but throughout the show he is the only one who wants to find a real answer to the problem.

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