Top 5 Michael Rapaport Roles

Michael Rapaport has 94 credits to his name on the IMDB nearly all of them are in supporting roles, I am going to pick out my five favourite roles of his career.

5.  Hank Morgan – 6th Day


After Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) gets replaced and everyone who met him gets killed off. Hank is one off his best friends and work colleagues who suffers this fate.

4. Kevin McCall – Metro


After taking down a bank robber Scott Roper (Eddie Murphy) and McCall have to fight against him after he escapes and takes Roper’s girlfriend hostage.

3. Dick Ritchie – True Romance


Dick is Clarence’s friend in Hollywood who uses his connection to help sell the cocaine all while he is desperately trying to make it as an actor.

2. Tom Scoggins – Deep Blue Sea


When the sharks take over a research base the group of scientist and shark handlers have to fight to survive. Tom has to trust everyone around him and even with his constant complaining he goes out a hero in the end.

1.       Don Self – Prison Break


Don is an agent with department of Homeland security who recruits the heroes of the series to help him locate the Scylla Files.

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