Top 5 Haley Joel Osment Roles

Haley Joel Osment is one of those child stars who has struggle thus far to adapt to more adult roles mainly due to personal issue off the camera. Even with that he has 59 credits to his name at the age of just 26. His first major role in a big film was only small but he was Forrest Gump’s son. Having becoming the voice of an iconic video game character in Kingdom of Hearts and making an attempted comeback through television I am going to look at my favourite 5 roles of his career.

5. Dylan Hydecker – The Lake

Granted this is a small made for TV movie but he is very effective in the supporting role, leading to his way to bigger more important roles.

4. Walter – Secondhand Lions

second hand lions

Walter (Osment) gets left his is two estranged uncles Garth (Michael Caine) and Hub (Robert Duvall). The uncle’s tell him stories of how they stole a treasure and Walter talks them into spending it on things they want. Brilliant coming of age story that will leave you wondering what parts are true.

3. Cole Sear – The Sixth Sense

6th sense

The role that got him an Oscar nomination as well as giving us one of the most iconic film quotes of all time ‘I see dead people’. It would be fair to say this is his best performance to date as the young boy who sees dead people and with the help of Dr Malcom Crowe (Bruce Willis) learns they are asking for help.

2. Trevor McKinney – Pay It Forward

pay it forway

Trevor (Osment) comes up with a scheme that changes a town with the idea of changing the world, where you do someone a favour or good deed and they pay it forward with three to other people. This film will make you cry and the idea is stunning.

1.       David – A.I Artificial Intelligence


David (Osment) an android boy who gets bought to replace an terminal ill child but when he recovers they abandon him and he sets of on an adventure to become a real boy. I pick this as my favourite because the innocents of his character makes his adventure all the more special and add in the final part which a lot of people don’t like but is one of the most real moments in modern film.

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