Top 5 Friendly Ghosts in Film

Ghosts have been used to create some of the best scares in horror film history, but on that odd occasion they come to help warn or are even just plain friendly. Today I am picking my favourite films with friendly ghosts. Just t make people aware I haven’t seen ‘Ghost’ so that won’t make it to my list even though many would have it high on their lists. Also spoilers might be included.

5. The Ghosts from Christmas Past, Present and Future – A Christmas Carolcarols

When Scrooge gets visited by all three of these ghosts he gets to see the mistakes he has made, the mistakes he is making and the mistakes he will end up making. He gets shown the errors and the ghosts have become icons of cinema.

4. Casper – Casper (1995)casper

When you hear the term friendly ghost Casper has to be the first ghost you think of, this little boy ghost only wants the life that was so cruelly taken away from him as he looks to make friends with the living.

3. Malcolm Crowe – The Sixth Sense (1999)malcolm

Malcolm thinks he is just a child therapist helping young Cole deal with his problem of seeing dead people but once the final twist is revealed we learn that he was a ghost the whole way through and all he ever wanted was to help Cole while continuing the work he has started through his life.

2. Ray, The Judge, Stuart and Cyrus – The Frighteners (1996)frightenerrs

When Frank Bannister’s wife dies after an accident we starts seeing the dead, he uses his new powers to work with these ghosts to create paranormal activity until he meets the spirit that is killing from beyond the grave. The ghosts work with Bannister to stop this killer before he reaches his target.

1. Santi – Th Devil’s Backbone (2001)santi

Santi is a victim who died in the orphanage where he continues to haunt as he waits for someone to come along who he can finally tell his story too while he reveals who was responsible for his death.


  1. It’s a great list, and I love the inclusion of The Frighteners (underrated film), but… for A Christmas Carol you’re using a picture of the Hitchhiking Ghosts from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of ‘ghost’ & ‘friendly’ for all of these films, but you’re right. As Vader would say: “most impressive”. 😀

    Btw, Ghost (1990) is delightful – imho.

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