Top 5 Favourite Will Smith Roles

Will Smith the mega star amazingly only has 34 credits to his name, with his star power you would automatically think he has done a lot more. In recent years his work as being questionable at best with such flops as After Earth the boring Men In Black 3 and turning down Django. Before this you hired Smith you got Box Office gold and with his two Oscar nomination for Ali and Pursuit of Happyness he showed he can stand up with the best of them. I am going to look at my favourite roles of Will’s career to date against some of my friends.simon

5. Captain Steven Hiller – Independence Day (1996)2


4. Spooner – I, Robot (2004)s 3


3. Alex Hitchins – Hitch (2005)s 4


2. Fresh Prince – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (1990-1996)5


1. Agent Jay – Men In Black (1997)4


5. Robert Neville – I Am Legend (2007)legend


4. Jay – Men In Black (1997)4


3. Mike Lowery – Bad Boys (1995)bad boys


2. Chris Gardner – Pursuit of Happiness (2006)3


1. Captain Steven Hiller – Independence Day (1996)2

lewis5. Spooner – I,Robot (2004)

s 3

 4. Robert Neville – I Am Legend (2007)


3. Jay – Men In Black (1997)4

 2. Chris Gardener – Pursuit of Happiness (2006)31. Fresh Prince – Fresh Prince of Del Air (1990-1996)



5. Captain Steven Hiller – Independence Day (1996)


4. Robert Clayton Dean – Enemy of the State (1998)


3. Mike Lowry – Bad Boys (1995)

 bad boys

2. Fresh Prince – Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-96)5


1. Jay – Men In Black (1997)



5. Will Smith – Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-1996)5

In the 90s this was the comedy that made me laugh the most, the outrageous behaviour of the street kid moving the a Bel Air mansion and the clash of culture made this young man career.

4. Jay – Men In Black (1997)4

I am only considering the work for the one film here. This follows the young NYPD officer who gets a chance to join the mythical Men in Black, but his rule breaking techniques put his chances at risk. The buddy cop action between Will quick talking never shutting up cocky cop and Tommy Lee Jones’ stern faced officers is comic gold.

3. Chris Gardner – The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)3

This is the incredible true story about one man’s trying to make something of his life when he has absolutely nothing, all this while trying to balance being a single father in a cut throat world. This role will have you in tears because of the hard ship he faces and he full deserved the Oscar nomination he received.

2. Captain Steven Hiller – Independence Day (1996)2

Captain Steven Hiller is the lone survivor of a failed attack on the alien invaders. He is full of one liners and his cockiness knows no boundaries. He gets the dream to fly into space and finish of the alien invaders once and for all. This is one of the most iconic performances of the 90s and still nearly 20 years later hasn’t dated at all.

1. Ben – Seven Pounds (2008)1

This is an interesting choice for number one and most people will disagree with this one. I feel this is the best character he has played he has such self-sacrifice after what he did and his selection process is brilliant. The film will leave you in tears because of the powerful nature involved. It is one of the most underrated roles of his career.


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