Top 5 Favourite Toy Story Characters

I am going to be looking at all three Toy Story films over the weekend and today I am going to look at my favourite characters through the series. The series has had a huge number of characters and I feel each one is great in their own little ways. I have decided not to include Woody or Buzz because they would be to obvious.

5. Mr Potato Headpotato head

Mr Potato Head is the wiser of the group who will make things happen and after he saves the aliens in the second one he becomes a reluctant father to them which causes plenty of extra laughs.

4. Trixietrixie

A newer addition to the series appearing in the third instalment of the series and Trixie is the over excitable dinosaur that Woody meets in Bonnie’s house.

3. Hammhamm

Hamm is the sarcastic member of the group voiced by the icon of Pixar John Ratzenberger. Hamm is piggy bank that gets most of the slightly more adult jokes in the series that the parents will enjoy more than the kids.

2. Kenken

Ken came into the series as the tour guide of the Sunnyside Day care centre where the toys end up, he has an instant attraction to Barbie and gets caught between alliances and love. He literally steals every scene of the third film.

1. Rexrex

Rex is the slow dinosaur that comes off dumb with his over excitable nature which leads to him being clumsy. The highlight of Rex was in the second film where he wants to beat Emperor Zorg and continues to get caught up in the ideas to complete the game before a face off with a toy version of Zorg.

Who is your favourite character from the Toy Story series?

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