Top 5 Favourite Ryan Gosling Roles

Ryan Gosling is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today, he is brave enough to take chances with his roles instead of just jumping into the idea of a franchise. He has one Oscar nomination to his name and to be honest I have missed some of his most popular work so I will look at the five favourites of the ones I have seen.

5. Richard Haywood – Murder By Numbers (2002)murder

In this thriller we get to see a darker side of Gosling in a commercial film where he teams up with another man to take on a seasoned homicide detective.

4. Willy Beachum – Fracture (2007)fracture

Willy is an attorney who is trying to climb the ladder to the top but when he comes up against his latest mastermind killer he faces his toughest test to date.

3. Lars – Lars and the Real Girl (2007)lars

Lars is a delusional young man who ends up getting stuck in a relationship with a doll, quirky comedy is the key in this one.

2. Leland – The United States of Leland (2003)leland

Leland is a member of a juvenile detention centre where he must learn to change his ways all face making the same mistakes over and over.

1.       Driver – Drive (2011)drive

Driver is a stunt man/ getaway driver who ends up getting caught up between his jobs when the latest job comes up. This is one of the most brutal films I have seen.


  1. I love Drive and Lars and the Real Girl! Fracture is in my watchlist and I’ll try to watch your other favorites. Have you watched Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond the Pines? I think they’re pretty great too!

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