Top 5 Favourite Ray Winstone Performance

Today I am picking my top 5 favourite Ray Winstone roles, Ray is the tough guy of acting and when he turns up he will usually hurt someone. This British born actor has 125 credits to his name and started with his first appearance in 1975, now in 2015 he has a legacy of films behind turning up in some of the most popular of that time. Ray has been nominated for two BAFTAs in his career and has managed his choice well picking big Hollywood production as well as staying loyal to the British studios that helped make him the name he is today.

Before I pick my selection I would just like to say I haven’t seen many of Winstone’s films as I am not the biggest fan of the gangster films he would most be non for.

5. Tubal-cain – Noah (2014)noah

Tubal-cain takes the villainous role in the film where he is against Noah and doesn’t believe in the impending flood. The character is pure evil and will stick around with a shocking moments before the ending.

4. Jedburgh – Edge of Darkness (2010)darkness

3. Moe Fitch – Fool’s Gold (2008)gold

Moe is a rival treasure hunter but he also respects the code between the two. Moe almost turns into an extra comedy character as he always just gets outsmarted.

2. Bad Bill – Rango (2011)rango


1. Mr French – The Departed (2006)departed

The muscle for Frank Costello who is also his most trusted second in command, this role is perfectly casted with Ray and shows that he really did make it to the top by working with Martin Scorsese in his Oscar winning film.

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