Top 5 Favourite Pixar Films

When Pixar started making film we got a new standard in animation and we also still yet to have a bad Pixar film. There are a few that I am not a fan of but that is because of the subject matter which just doesn’t appeal to me. Today I am going to look at my favourite five Pixar films. I am making the rule of only one per franchise too.

5. A Bug’s Life (1998)bug

First up is the one I used to call my favourite, I have always like this one because of the simple idea. It put us into a world that is such a small part of the world we live in so we can see how just making sure they survive is the most important thing.

4. Finding Nemo (2003)nemo

With Finding Nemo I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy this first time I watched it, but after watching it a second time I found that I did enjoy it. I have also found the more I watch it the more I enjoy it, so next time I do this list I might actually have moved up the list.

3. Toy Story 3 (2010)toy story 3

I had to have one from the series right, and even though they all have incredible strengths I picked this one because of the final scene showing the fact that Andy has moved on passing his toys onto a new owner. I found this to be perfect ending to the trilogy as the whole series has gone close to my own personal life with Andy being nearly the same age as myself.

2. Up (2009)up

With a opening sequence that will leave you in tears, this film starts by telling you a whole life story where one man feels like he failed to achieve the one thing he always promised he would, but as the film unfolds he discovers he had given his late wife everything she ever wanted and he learns to start living again after her passing.

1. Wall – E (2008)walle

Time for my number one and I can’t think of any other film that deserves to be there. This is the sweetest love story you will ever see and it also reflects the world of laziness that we humans are creating for ourselves.


  1. Up is my favorite, but I still think TS1 and 2 were better than some of the other ones you listed eventhough u didnt want to have 3 TS films in your top 5 🙂

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