Top 5 Favourite Milla Jovovich Roles

Milla Jovovich is the Ukrainian beauty that has transitioned from model to go to sci-fi action actress. With 44 credits to her name with the most successful films being in that genre, she isn’t afraid to take chases on a range of films. I have decided to give my top 5 favourite performances which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought where I have to give honourable mentions to Survivor (2015) and The Fourth Kind (2009).

5. Cydney – A Perfect Getaway (2009)getawt

Cydney is one half or two couple travelling around Hawaii when we learn that there is a couple that are going around killing couples and taking over their lives. We are left to wonder if it could be either of the couples until the final reveal to who it is.

4. Katinka – Zoolander (2001)zoolander

Katinka is the second in command to the evil Mugatu and showed that Milla had the ability to enter into the comedy genre without even looking out of place with the heavyweights involved in this film.

3. Leeloo – The Fifth Element (1997)leeloo

Leeloo is the creation that comes from ancient DNA that is the answer to the peril heading towards the future Earth. Having to learn the languages and skills in combat to save the world.

2. Violet Song Jat Shariff – Ultraviolet (2006)vilet

Violet is from the futuristic world where a genetic disease that gives humans enhanced skills gets put to battle against the normal humans we follow Violet who has been enhanced have to fight for what is right while protecting a 9-year-old boy. Also the Gun Kata style of brilliant throughout even if the film isn’t the most popular.

1.       Alice – Resident Evil (2002 – 2016)alice

Alice easily go down as Milla’s most significant role of her career and easily the one everyone will remember her for. It is easy to why because the character is the best creation to the action-horror in recent years and with each outing she always beat the enemy in front of her with the finale of the series due out early 2016.


    • that did make my honourable mentions, the reason i didnt make the list is down to the film really, while i liked it i didnt like it using the ‘real’ events tag

      • Sorry, I just meant I think she’s really cool regardless of her role. My comment should have said I like her equally in everything – even The Fourth Kind (which is probably the weakest movie I’ve seen her in).

      • fair enough, i didn’t really go into why i nearly made the list but couldn’t bring myself to do a 5th1/3 because i liked her in Survivor this year too

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