Top 5 Favourite Melissa George Roles

Melissa George is the Australian beauty who started her career in the soap Home and Away, now she has made her mark in Hollywood, she has 48 credits to her name and today I will be picking my favourite five roles of her career.

5. May – Dark City (1998)dark city

This might only be a small role but this film is a cult favourite that is really star filled.

4. Alison – A Lonely Place to Die (2011)lonely plac

Alison is one of the mountaineers who discover a kidnapped young girl in Scotland only to have to use all their skills to escape from the people responsible.

3. Kathy Lutz – The Amityville Horror (2006)amitville

I know a loot of people didn’t like this film but I did like the horror side of the story and Kathy has to go to extra lengths to save her children.

2. Stella – 30 Days of Night (2007)30 days night

Stella is the ex-wife oof our hero who has come back to the Alaska town for work but gets trapped there having to fight against the vampires that have overtaken the town. This is easily my favourite vampire movie in modern cinema.

1. Jess – Triangle (2009)triangle

Jess is the lead in this mind bending thriller that will leave your jaw dropping with the final outcome of the film.


  1. I loved “A Lonely Place to Die” and I liked “Triangle”. She was on the first season of “In Treatment” and it was great! A very underrated series that you should check out.

    And she was also in another underrated drama film “Between Us” with Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs about two couples who are close friends and get together for the weekend, but end up unleashing all these unresolved grievances they all have towards one another. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you like Melissa George; the whole cast is good here, as well as the writing.

      • Yeah, you need to start from episode 1; where Melissa George explains to the therapist she’s fallen in love w/ him and when he tells her it’s mere transference she tells him she knows what that is and what she feels is deeper, etc. and that sets the season off and we start to learn about the therapists’ personal life and how his marriage is falling apart, etc. Blair Underwood and Mia Wasikowska play other patients in season 1 and are both great, as well.

  2. Melissa George is a genre actress I really enjoy too. Good article. My fav is Dark City. I think that was the 1st movie I saw her in. I agree with you on 30 Days. Awesome vampire flick. Really visual. Did you see the sequel? MG is the star there. Now, I gotta add Triangle to my watch list. Thanks.

    • I tried the sequel but didn’t have the same vibe and replacing Melissa didn’t help. triangle is a film i have to suggest to anyone such a clever horror film

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