Top 5 Favourite Jodie Foster Performances

Jodie Foster is one of the biggest name actress in the acting world today and granted over the past few years she has taken less roles with just 3 since 2010. She has two Oscars to her name and went face to face with one of the greatest cinema villains of all time. I will say I haven’t seen a couple of her bigger early roles so I can’t include them in my list but otherwise I will be picking my favourite of the work I have seen.

5. Kyle Pratt – Flightplan (2005)flightplan

Kyle gets on the plane with her daughter only half way through the flight she wakes up to find her child missing, no one on the flight remembers her on the plan and Kyle must prove she was.

4. Eleanor Arroway – Contact (1997)contact

Eleanor is determined to find intelligent life in the solar system and with her creation she will finally get her answers.

3. Meg Altman – Panic Room (2002)panc

Meg is just trying to start her life over with her daughter but end up coming under attack inside their own new home while hiding in the panic room, this really was an all-star cast film with Oscar winners all over this film. Meg must keep her daughter safe while trying to keep ahead of the plans of the intruders.

2. Sarah Tobias – The Accused (1988)accussed

Sarah is a victim of a brutal rape, no one wants to believe her until one lawyer steps up to fight her case which is filled with twists and turns. This is the first Oscar winning performance for Foster and strangely one that nearly made her quit acting.

1.       Clarice Starling – The Silence of the Lambs (1991)silence

Clarice comes face to face with Hannibal Lector and never blinks an eye all while trying to catch a serial killer. Clarice is one of the strongest characters in film history.


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