Top 5 Favourite Charlie Sheen Roles

Charlie Sheen is the focus of the top five today and if I am honest he is a person I really don’t like, but in his career he has given us some brilliant performances. I actually had to narrow it down from seven but ever since he played himself in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, well credit as boy in police station he has lived a party hard lifestyle.

5. Zane Zaminsky – The Arrival (1996)arrival

In this alien film Zane is the main character who has learnt the aliens secret that will put his own and his loved ones lives in danger, this is one of the most under rated sci-fi films of the 90’s.

4. Charlie Harper – Two and Half Men (2003 – 2011)two

Charlie is the bachelor living a life of luxury when his brother and his son come and live with him, this was a much loved sitcom but when Charlie went on his tiger blood rant it was the end of the line for his character that was killed off until the show finale where the truth was really revealed.

3. LT. Topper Harley – Hot Shots! (1991)hot sho

Entering into the world of comedy with one of the highlight parody films of the time Charlie get to poke fun at the large amount of war films being released. He would end up returning for the sequel and has a brilliant family joke where his character salutes his father in his Apocalypse Now character.

2. Bud Fox – Wall Street (1987)wall stret

In the late 80’s Charlie became Oliver Stone’s go to guy and this ultimate 80’s film showing the coruption going on inside the wall street banking world is brilliant even if Michael Douglas really does steal the show.

1. Charlie – Platoon (1986)platoon

Chris is the young naive soldier sent to Vietnam and ends up seeing the horrors of war in one of the great war films ever made.


  1. Good article. You’re right The Arrival is totally underrated. Great cult classic. I wonder if Sheen will ever return to drama? Or if the audience would accept him? Wall Street and Platoon were ‘king awesome. Definitely #1 and 2. Oh and Hot Shot Part Duh is hilarious.

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