Top 5 Favourite Bruce Willis Roles

Today I am going to look at my top 5 favourite Bruce Willis roles, today marks Bruce’s 60th birthday and with his over 100 credits on the IMBD this has become a very hard choice. Over the years Bruce has made some of the best action films but he has also made a few stinkers. So I ask you what are you favourite roles?

5 1/2. Old Joe – Looper (2012)joe

As I couldn’t pick between the two of these roles they take joint 5th, Old Joe has travelled back in time to stop the person that eventually grows up to kill his wife. Being part of one of the best time travel films it is considered one of the best performance from Bruce in recent years.

5 1/2. Jeff Talley – Hostage (2005)hostage

Jeff is a former negotiator who wants a quiet life as a small time Sheriff. But when a hostage situation presents itself Jeff is forced to go back into his former life to save his family. I personally thought this is one of the best recent thrillers and keeps you guessing from start to finish.

4. David Dunn – Unbreakable (2000)david

David turns out to becoming an everyday super hero with his unbreakable bones, who finds out the truth about the man who has been searching for him. The first of the two Shyamalan films that Willis stars in on this list and one of the best the year of release.

3. Dr Malcolm Crowe – The Sixth Sense (1999)malcolm

Dr Crowe is the man trying to help troubled little boy who sees dead people only for the tables to be turned with one of the most talked about twist endings ever.

2. Harry Stamper – Armageddon (1998)harry

Harry is the leader of a rag tag group of oil drillers who have to travel into space to drill into an asteroid heading towards Earth. This is one of my favourite films of all time so how could I not include this role?

1. John McClane – Die Hard (1988 – 2007)john mcclane

It would be fair to say when John McClane first appeared in Die Hard he quickly became one of the greatest action stars of all time and along with the sequels we have seen his character evolve. In Die Hard 2 he was similar but around the airport, while in 3 he teams up with angry Zeus (Samuel L Jackson) and even though 4 got criticized I enjoyed the fun side of it. I won’t support number 5 because I thought it was awful though.


  1. Nice list Dazza! I’d have to choose the same 1 – 3 as yourself 🙂 I’d have to have Butch from Pulp Fiction as well….and possibly Hartigan from Sin City 🙂

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