Top 5 David Krumholtz Roles

David Krumholtz always seems to come in a film as a supporting role in films he usually gets some of the most laughs. With 77 credits to his name on IMDB I am going to pick my favourite roles.

5. Benji Austin – Superbad (2007)


Only a small part but gets some laughs from a comedy fest.

4. Goldstein – Harold & Kumar Series


One of the two Jewish friends of the heroes that always pop up in the adventure and change over the series of films.

3. Charlie – Numbers (2005-2010)


Charlie is a numerical genius who helps his detective brother solves crimes with numbers and statistics. With over 100 episodes the show was a hit and entertaining.

2. Michael – 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)


Part of the Modernism of Shakespeare play, Michael is a supporting character who shows the new guy around as well as being the man with the plan to help him get the girl.

1. Mr Universe – Serenity (2005)


Mr Universe is Captain Mal’s contact with knowledge covering all over the universe. He adds laughs to a serious situation as well as becoming a hero in his final moments.

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