Top 5 Charlize Theron Roles

Charlize is the beautiful actress from South Africa, she has 43 credits to her name according to IMDB, she also has had one Oscar success for her performance in Monster. Today I am going to celebrate her birthday by looking at my favourite roles in film.

5. Ravenna – Snow White and the Huntsman5

The evil queen from the re-imagination of Snow White, her beauty is was keeps her motivated to rule the kingdoms, but her desire to take down Snow White will be her downfall.

4. Candy Kendall – Cider House Rules4

When young Homer leaves his orphanage he spends the summer on an apple farm where he meets the lovely Candy who teaches him about life and love.

3. Jillian Armacost – The Astronaut’s Wife3

After her husband returns from a space mission she get the feeling something is not right about him, we watch her continuing distancing herself from him before we find out the truth.

2. Meredith Vickers – Prometheus2

The supervisor sent on the mission by Weyland Corporation, she is very cold and distant from the rest of the crew, showing that Charlize can play this type of villain.

1. Aileen Wuornos – Monster1

The role that won her an Oscar she is brilliant as the real life serial killer who along with her lover goes on a killing spree on men.

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