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Top 10 Favourite Matt Damon Roles


Matt Damon has become on of the biggest names in Hollywood today he has 72 credits to his name and one Oscar win for writing though he has been nominated for two acting Oscars but has yet to take home the trophy. I simply couldn’t pick just five favourite performances so I went with top 10.

10. Rudy Baylor – The Rainmaker (1997)

This John Grisham adaptation follows a young lawyer who goes against an insurance company. This early role when Grisham films were very popular is one people ignore but rally is a special one.

9. Loki – Dogma (1998)

Loki along with his best friend and fellow fallen angel Bartleby go a mission to go and re-enter heaven which could bring about the next apocalypse.

8. David Norris – The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

David lives a normal life while running for political office but when he meets a girl who isn’t part of his planned future he discovers that there is a team of people planning his future and every move he makes. I love this sci-fi because it question whether things could be real or not.

7. SPC Ilario – Courage Under Fire (1996)

This very early role showed just how far Matt would go for a look in a role even if it is just a supporting role.

6. Colin Sullivan – The Departed (2006)

Colin is the undercover mole inside the FBI working for the mobster against Billy on the other side of the fence. Matt gives a great performance and compared to the rest of the cast is easily one of the better performers in the film.

5. Tom Ripley – The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)

This all star cast follows Tom Ripley as he continues to use his life of fraud while showing a darker side throughout the film hidden behind his charm.

4. Jason Bourne – Bourne Trilogy

Jason is the trained spy who has lost his memory and as he looks to learn about himself he learns that he has been targeted for elimination leaving him to use all his skills to out smart his enemies.

3. Linus Caldwell – Ocean’s Trilogy

Linus is the pickpocket who joins Danny Ocean’s team in a string of heists. I really enjoy this role because it ends up stealing the film next to the bigger stars.

2. Mike McDermott – Rounders (1998)

As a poker fan I enjoy this role as Mike a skilled poker player has to go back into the underworld to help his best friend pay off his debts from ruthless poker player.

1. Will Hunting – Good Will Hunting (1997)

Will is the genius working basic jobs until he gets inspired but college professor Sean Maguire and his best friend Chuckie. This is one of the best films of the year of release and all the Oscar it won shows why.

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