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The Runner (2021) Movie Review


The Runner – Movie Review

Director: Michelle Danner

Writer: Jason Chase Tyrrell (Screenplay)


Plot: After being busted for drug possession, Aiden, a troubled teenager, is forced by the cops to go undercover and risk his life to bring down a dangerous drug kingpin.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Runner starts when teenage drug dealer Aiden (Philipponnat) gets busted by the police. Detective Wall (Douglas) forces him to go undercover to bring down a dangerous drug kingpin or face prison. Aiden starts to look at what he has done with his life, as he puts his own life on the line in search of answers.

The deeper Aiden gets into the world, the more dangerous the operation becomes. As he needs to rebuild his relationship with his mother Miranda (Rohm) and other loved ones affected by his actions.

Verdict on The Runner


Aiden is a troubled teenager that has found himself drawn into the drug world. He supplies the students around the school, building up a reputation. After he gets busted, he is forced into becoming an undercover connection for the police or face losing everyone he loves around him. He is filled with guilt because of what happened before the bust and is on the verge of ruining more of his life because of his addiction.

In the supporting characters, we have Detective Wall who is controlling Aiden into doing his bidding for him. He shows no remorse for anything he makes Aiden do, blackmailing him into believing he has no choice. Miranda is Aiden’s mother that saw that he needed help and called the police on him. They need to rebuild their relationship because of this action.

Blake is Aiden’s best friend who is always there for him, arranging the parties the two host all the time. Layla is the ex-girlfriend that has changed, and Aiden is filled with regret because of what happened to her.


Edouard Philipponnat in the leading role is great to watch. He shows an arrogant and regretful performance as one that is holding on to his life without many options. In the supporting cast, we have strong performances from everyone involved. Most are only in small chapters of Aiden’s life, where they can show the consequences of his actions.


The story follows a teenage drug dealer that gets blackmailed into becoming an undercover connection for the police. He must risk his own life and face the consequences of his actions or lose everything in his life.

This is a story that shows the consequences of drug dealing. Showing how the young members of the underworld can be used to make things happen without knowing how to operate safely in this world. it gets to address the problems being faced by people who have made mistakes in it and how the lives around them would have been changed.

Final Thoughts The Runner is a strong drama about understanding the consequences of one’s actions.

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