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The Murderer (2023) Movie Review


The Murderer – Movie Review 

Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Writer: Abishek J Bajaj (Screenplay)



Plot: When an English man is accused of murdering his Thai in-laws, his wife is the only witness that stands between guilt and freedom.  

Runtime: 2 Hours 

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: The Murderer starts in the aftermath of a murder in a small Thai village. An English man Earl (Laver) is the prime suspect, and a strict detective is trying to learn the truth. This takes us back to the events before the storm, as the family has come together.

However, as the night’s events unfold, not everything is adding up. The case ends up taking twists and turns as the truth is finally revealed about who was the person behind the murders.  

Verdict on The Murderer

The Murderer is a crime comedy following a detective trying to learn what happened to a series of murders over the course of one night. However, each surviving member can see the crime from a different angle, leading to different potential suspects.

This does end up being a little bit too silly in how everything unfolds. The comedy it is trying to bring to the table comes from reading the situations wrong. However, it is used too often leading to things getting out of hand along the way. It struggles because we go through the same scenes from different angles being repeated too often throughout the movie. 

Where to Watch: The Murderer is available on Netflix now. 

Final Thoughts The Murderer is an overly silly crime comedy.

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