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The Murder Podcast (2022) Movie Review


The Murder Podcast – Movie Review

Director: William Bagley

Writer: William Bagley (Screenplay)


  • Andrew McDermott
  • Cooper Bucha
  • Levi Burdick
  • Brian Emond
  • Scott Hawkins
  • Logan Mariner

Plot: Two amateur podcasters start investigating a murder in their hometown only to become wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Murder Podcast starts when amateur podcasters Chad (McDermott) and Eddie (Bucha) believe they are making it. Only for reality to start hitting them as Chad’s sister looks to kick him out if he doesn’t help out.

When a murder of a local happens, Chad & Eddie decide to do a crime podcast. They look to solve the murder, only for the bodies to start piling up as they find themselves in the middle of a much bigger mystery.

Verdict on The Murder Podcast


Chad is the host of a podcast, he wants to go full time but starts to see reality hitting him hard. He needs to find himself an income but is drawn into starting another true crime podcast about a local murder. Chad gets to dive in headfirst as he learns the truth about his father’s sudden death when he was a child.

Eddie is Chad’s best friend and editor of the podcast, the pair work together with ideas and the podcast keeps their friendship strong. While the pair do spend a lot of their time drunk or stoned, Eddie keeps things light-hearted between the pair.

Officer Stacheburn is trying to solve the case and has clashed with Chad over the years. He has a drinking problem, which has caused problems in the past.

Stephen is Chad’s sister’s boyfriend and he enjoys making Chad’s life difficult. He always looks down on him knowing he can get away with anything.


The performances in the movie are fun, Andrew McDermott and Cooper Bucha play the line of slackers and friends wanting to have fun well. They get laughs and show great chemistry together. The rest of the cast perform well too, playing into their roles well for extra laughs along the way.


This story follows to slackers and podcasters who are trying to find a way to break out, when a murder case gives them a new bright idea. They look to solve the murder, knowing they could try to create a show about how they achieved this.

The best way to describe this story, is ‘My Name is Bruce’ in the podcast world. It never takes things too seriously and looks for laughs within the supernatural events going on. The story does a great job at building a motivation behind why the supernatural side of things unfolds, one that could have been played out in a serious or comedic manner.


The Murder Podcast is a horror comedy that follows the slackers trying to solve a string of local murders. It doesn’t mind throwing blood buckets at the screen and creates a legacy behind the horror on a strong level.

Final Thoughts The Murder Podcast is a comical horror comedy.

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