The Ghosts of Monday – Release News

Reel2Reel is pleased to announce that following its World premiere at FrightFest this weekend, supernatural thriller THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY will be released in UK on September 5th.

Starring Julian Sands (Warlock), Mark Huberman (Vikings Valhalla) Marianna Rosset (SOS), Elva Trill (Jurassic World: Dominion) and Anthony Skordi (Onassis), THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY follows a television director who becomes embroiled in an occult conspiracy after travelling to Cyprus to make a reality tv show about a haunted hotel.

From September 5th, THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY will be available to stream and download in UK and Ireland via Amazon, Sky, i-Tunes, Googleplay, Microsoft and YouTube. A release date for USA and Canada will be announced shortly.

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