The Cancer Conflict – Release News

The Cancer Conflict is set for its UK Premiere at Global Health Film Festival on 5September 2022, before arriving on digital platforms on 19 September ahead of World Cancer Research Day on 24 September, courtesy of Java Films.

The Cancer Conflict

From the acclaimed director of The Spy Who Fell to Earth and The Night CallerThomas Meadmore, comes The Cancer Conflict – a challenging, evocative and heart-wrenching new film that follows two very different journeys following their cancer diagnoses and explores the complicated world of approved and alternative treatment.

Two cancer patients, two different treatments.  This tender, compelling and thought-provoking feature-length documentary examines the power of human determination and the divide in opinion surrounding cancer therapies in the UK – the country with the lowest cancer survival rate in Western Europe. It also shows the human impact of this devastating disease on the patient and their loved ones.

The latest figures from the American Medical Association show that 90 per cent of cancer patients around the globe up will seek treatment outside of their healthcare system… a decision that doubles the risk of death. The Cancer Conflict focusses on the lives and treatments of Grant and Surinder – two people who have each chosen very different routes. Grant has opted for medical, evidence-based treatment and Surinder has chosen an alternative, more holistic approach.

Exploring the challenges in making these decisions in a world of rampant misinformation and a clash of truths, this important documentary asks one question: What are the consequences of turning away from the experts?

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