Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

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Director: Sebastian Gutierrez

Writer: Sebastian Gutierrez (Screenplay)

Starring: Abbey Lee, Ciaran Hinds, Carla Gugino, Matthew Beard, Dylan Baker


Plot: A brilliant man marries a beautiful woman and shows her his home, stating that it’s all hers – except a room she can’t enter. First chance she enters and discovers what might be human cloning. When the husband returns she pays the price.


Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Sci-Fi Mystery Consequences


Story: Elizabeth Harvest starts when newlyweds Elizabeth (Lee) and Henry (Hinds) return to his mansion to start their lives together, he has workers in his home with Claire (Gugino) and Oliver (Beard) doing the household jobs, while Elizabeth is banned from one room.

Left alone in the house, Elizabeth starts exploring more which does take her into the forbidden room, which only angers Henry to new levels, where he must start his plans again.


Thoughts on Elizabeth Harvest


Characters – Elizabeth is the new wife ready for her life of luxury, she is delighted with the number of clothes she has, the size of the house, but she isn’t prepared for what she finds in the forbidden room, a clone of herself, she spends the film learning who she is and why she is being cloned. Henry is the husband that has been bring his new wife home for the household, he has been planning this for years, with his clones being used to complete his perfect world, the deeper the story goes, the more we learn about his decisions. Claire is the scientist hired to help Henry with his clones, she doesn’t agree at first before learning just what this could mean for science. Oliver works around the house, he is blind and has been waiting for his chance to learn about the work within the house.

PerformancesAbbey Lee takes on the leading roles of Elizabeth, each one is slightly different which shows how the science has continued to improve through the versions, this comes out in her performances as somebody who becomes riser as the film unfolds. Ciaran Hinds is always going to be strong in the scientist role, with Carla Gugino in the mentor figure and assistant that works well with Matthew Beard doing everything needed for his shining moments in the later part of the film.

StoryThe story follows a young woman marrying a scientist and learning that he has been working on a bigger project which involves clones. This is an interesting story because it plays into the ideas of whether clones should be used in the real world, which is always going to be an interesting conversation. The story does however jump around the timeline with the flashbacks filling in the blanks for Elizabeth. It could get moments that are confusing because keeping up with certain characters can be hard to figure out which is which, but otherwise this does everything needing to make you think you are watching an episode of Black Mirror.

Sci-FiThe sci-fi side of the film uses the idea of clones being welcomed into the world or how they are secretive for the first designers.

SettingsThe settings keep the film in one location which does show the world that Elizabeth must get used too.

Special EffectsWe keep the effects simple and effective to show the wounds inflicted to the characters.

Scene of the Movie –
The meeting of the clones.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Too many time jumps.

Final ThoughtsThis is a sci-fi film that does ask a question about cloning, and whether they should be included in the world or not.


Overall: Black Mirror in film form.





Jessica Alba Weekend – The Eye (2008)

Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Writer: Sebastian Gutierrez (Screenplay) Yuet-Jan Hui, Oxide Chun Pang, Danny Pang (Original Screenplay)

Starring: Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, Parker Posey, Rade Serbedzija, Fernanda Romero, Rachel Ticotin, Chloe Grace Moretz


Plot: A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Not as Bad as I Remember


Story: The Eye starts as we meet blind violinist Sydney Wells (Alba) who is about to get a cornea transplant giving her sight back for the first time since she was five. With the operation being a success, Sydney along with her sister Helen (Posey) must work together as the change takes effect with the vision taking time to return.

Sydney now must learn to see once again but with horrific visions make her start to question herself, she has a DR Paul Faulkner (Nivola) who comes along to help her with these new experiences but he can only help with the reality of seeing again, not the supernatural side of things.

As the nightmares and visions become more realistic Sydney finds herself walking the thin line between paranoia and reality as she finds herself investigating these visions to learn the truth about the eyes she has been inherited.


Thoughts on The Eye


Characters/PerformanceSydney is given the chance to see once again but dealing with the new eyes makes her question everything in her day as she is given the chance to witness the living being taken by the reaper. I have a lot of questions about this character because we never learn her job which must have been limited because of her blindness, there is an origin to why she is blind to which we don’t get to see either and I feel most of the development of this character is very poor. Dr Faulkner is an average forgettable doctor who doesn’t even fill the romantic love interest and the sister well why is she even in this movie?

The performances are fine Jessica Alba does well without shining but the rest of the cast just doesn’t seem to fit in the film enough.

StoryThe idea that when you get a transplant your body could change has been proven so why not mix this up into a horror film, well the Chinese thought this would be a good story too. This is the remake of that story, so we know the story is very similar and interesting to see unfold because this film isn’t about a big body count like other horrors, it is the ghost mystery which is something I do always have a soft spot for and does keep you guessing along the way.

Horror/MysteryThe horror side of this movie is nearly all jump scares as the film doesn’t reach the true levels of the original, the mystery side of things is what keeps us going through to see where it all ends up going.

SettingsThe settings just don’t work for this film, you can’t understand how Sydney is in the location she lives in without learning about her job.

Special EffectsHere is an iffy part of the film, the special effects which you can see being added with the CGI.

Final ThoughtsWhile I do think the original is scarier, this is a simple to follow and easy horror to watch for all that would be watching.


Overall: Remake which works but doesn’t reach the same levels.




Snakes On A Plane (2006)

logoDirector: David R. Ellis

Writer: John Heffernan, Sebastian Gutierrez (Screenplay) David Dalessandro, John Heffernan (Story)

Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Rachel Blanchard, Flex Alexander, Kenan Thompson, Keith Dallas, Lin Shaye, Bruce James, Sunny Mabrey, Byron Lawson


Plot: After Sean (Phillips) witnesses a murder by well-known criminal Eddie Kim (Lawson) FBI agent Neville Flynn (Jackson) takes Sean into protective custody. Sean has to give evidence on Eddie Kim in LA just a short flight away from Honolulu, taking over a red eye flight and first class. Eddie Kim has a trick up his sleeve for the flight he arranges for the flight to have a large shipment of snakes which are set to be released during the flight.


The Snakes

The Snakes

Verdict: A film you will never forget and never see again.

Story: Yes the story sounds farfetched but it gets put together very well to enter an action film genre. What could end up being a ridiculous comedy turns into a serious action with small one-liners that will give you a giggle. Granted this won’t win any Oscars but it is a good watch that will entertain from start to finish. (8/10)


Actor Review: Samuel L Jackson – FBI agent Neville who has been tracking down Eddie Kim for years and finally has a witness to take him down for good. Fights the snakes and tries to find a solution to the problem. Even though this isn’t Jackson best film or performance it is up there with his most memorable performances of his career. Star Performance Award, Iconic Performance Award (8/10)


Actor Review: Nathan Phillips – Sean the reluctant witness who presences puts everyone at risk. Gives an average performance but doesn’t get too much time to shine as spends more time trying to rescue people that anything else. (6/10)

Actor Review: Julianna Margulies – Air hostess who is one her last flight before entering her new career. Has to be the voice of calm on the flight through all the panic. Solid supporting role which is performed not to steal any scenes but be a natural fit in the role. (7/10)


Director Review: David R. EllisGood direction throughout showing he knows how to build suspense in a film. (8/10)


Action: Some good action but nothing that shines to a top level of action. (7/10)

Thriller: The build to the first release is very tense and then throughout you are left wondering who will make it and how they will survive. (9/10)

Special Effects: Solid special effects throughout. (8/10)

Believability: Gangster trying to stop a witness talking is very realistic but how snakes on a plane are not. (1/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: Airplane for a snakes is a great setting, with nowhere to run the characters get put an impossible situation. (10/10)


Suggestion: The title itself is enough to make you want to watch this and then it is one film you can just enjoy watching without having to switch you brain on. (Watch)


Best Part: The snake attack is brutal

Worst Part: The dog death

Action Scene of the Film: The first snakes release.

Kill Of The Film: One passenger gets a snake bite to the eye.

Funniest Scene: Shouldn’t be funny but the guy who uses the toilet is a bit unfortunate but funny.

Favourite Quote: Neville ‘Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!’

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: No but did get spoofed in Snakes on a Train.


Overall: Good action film


Rating 80

Gothika (2003)

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Writer: Sebastian Gutierrez

Starring: Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr, Charles S. Dutton, John Carroll Lynch, Bernard Hill, Penelope Cruz


Story Dr Miranda Grey (Berry) is a well respect psychologists at a asylum, but on a detoured trip home on a stormy night she sees a woman in the middle of the road, she approaches the woman and the next thing she remembers is being in the very asylum she works only as a patient now.


Miranda is accused of murdering her husband and fellow Doctor Douglas Grey (Dutton). She has no memory of the night and only two people to communicate with a fellow patient Chloe (Cruz) and old work colleague Dr Pete Graham (Downey).


Still being haunted by a mysterious woman is she trying to communicate with Miranda; can Miranda uncover the truth before it’s too late?


Verdict This horror thriller mystery is a good addition to the genre without being one of the best, it follows the basic horror thriller rules very well with predictable jumps and twists. The three big names never really shine to the level we all know they can. This is well worth a watch if you like the genre.

Story Mark 7/10 Tried and tested formula works well

Horror Mark 7/10 Simple scares never really scary though

Favourite Character None of the characters are really that likable

Poor Performance I’m not going to say poor but I would say I would have liked more from Berry and Downey Jr.

Best Part The reveal flashback to the night is good

Worst Part  Clear twist you can see from a mile away

Best Quote Chloe ‘You can’t trust someone who thinks your crazy’

Similar Too – The Ring, The Grudge

My Rating  67%