Planet 51 (2009)

logoDirector: Jorge, Blanco, Javier Abad, Marcos Martinez

Writer: Joe Stillman (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Jessica Biel, John Cleese, Gary Oldman, Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Seann William Scott


Plot: When Captain Charles T, Baker lands on Planet 51 he expects to go down in history as a great astronaut. He is surprised to find out that the planet is occupied by another alien life form, but he is the alien now. Lem helps hide Charles with his friends Skiff and Neera while the trigger happy General Grawl tries to track him down for Professor Kipple to experiment on.


Verdict: A fun comedy for all

Story: I would say the best thing about this story is that it reflexes how some American reacted to the ‘Alien Landing’ during the 50s. I say this because the film is set in the alien world’s 50s and are all fearing of visitors from out of space. It also comes off as a coming of age like tale for Lem who gets an unlikely mentor to help him discover who is really is and what he could achieve. In conclusion it would be fair to say the story has been done before but with little twists to the tale we get a very enjoyable film. (7/10)


Character Review: Captain Charles T. Baker – An astronaut with charisma and charm that has got him everywhere in life, but when it comes to being a hero he isn’t ready to step up. A good leader and mentor for Lem and his friends. (8/10)


Character Review: Lem – The unconfident dreamer who never seems to take the chances put on front of him. After meeting Captain Baker he learns about taking risks and taking chances. (8/10)


Character Review: Skiff – Lem’s conspiracy crazy friend who is big fan of the Humanoid film franchise depicting people from another world as evil. Usually the funniest character and has the best moments with Rover the robot. (8/10)


Character Review: General Grawl – The leader of the military to try and catch the alien because of everything he has been told. (8/10)


Character Review: Neera – Lem’s neighbour and love interest who ends up being like every over female love interest in this role in films. (7/10)


Character Review: Professor Kipple – The mad scientist who wants to look into the brain of the alien. (8/10)


Director Review: Jorge, Blanco, Javier Abad, Marcos Martinez – Good direction to create a fun film. (8/10)


Adventure: Has some good elements of adventure involved. (8/10)

Comedy: Simply comedy with some clever reference jokes from sci-fi based films. (7/10)

Animation: Simple animation that works well. (8/10)

Believability: Animated no (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: The world created is clever mixing vintage 50s culture with futuristic world. (8/10)

Suggestion: I would say try this, I think this would be a good film to show kids, but not really one for adults alone. (Try It)


Best Part: Space scene.

Worst Part: The hippies.

Action Scene Of The Film: Rover’s action escape.

Funniest Scene: Rover finds a rock with a creature on it.

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: No


Overall: Entertaining space adventure for the younger audience

Rating 72

American Reunion (2012)

Director: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg

Writer: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg (Screenplay)

Starring: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Eugene Levy

Story: It is time for the East Great Falls school reunion and we get to see what our favourite high schoolers have got up to since Jim and Michelle’s wedding. Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) are still married and have their own little boy now, but on a sadder note Jim’s mum has passed away leaving Jim’s Dad (Levy) alone.

Kevin (Nicholas) continues his trend through the series by having smaller and smaller part in the story and he is now a full time stay at home parent. While Finch (Thomas) still has a big air of mystery about him. Stifler (William Scott) who seems to have be forgotten about after ‘growing up’ at the of the Wedding doesn’t get the same open arms invite and just joins in and wants to party. Did no one else remember he was all in love at the end of the wedding?

After his absence from the wedding Oz (Klein) is back and he has done well for himself, he is a sports presenter, reality dance show star who is dating the beautiful Mia (Katrina Bowden). He returns to see Heather (Suvari) who is with a creepy doctor.

With all the original boys and girls well now men and women back for one weekend what could possibly go wrong this time?


Right I am going to give this two marks one as a comedy and the other as American Pie franchise.

First up comedy, as comedies go this is pretty funny with some very funny scenarios created including the very funny drunk ride home of the hot teenage neighbour where everything seems to go wrong for Jim. But as for stories for each character they feel very lazy and almost sitcom style stories. Including Jim and Michelle marriage problems and Kevin and Vicky (Reid) with Kevin wondering what happened the night before.

Now as an America Pie film. Having taken years to get them all together again after the Wedding it almost looks like they forgot what happened in that film. Stifler doesn’t seem to even be friends with the boys anymore while Kevin and Finch have not become anything like what they thought they would be. Though this could be more to show how we don’t always end up where we thought we would be in life. Most of the small roles from the first turn up at the reunion but are brief cameos just to say what has happened to them which also adds to the lazy use of good characters. Another thing that just seems lazy is the needless inclusion of drug usage considering it was never used or mentioned during the first three.

Favourite Character As always in these films Stifler


Comedy: (8/10)


Music: (9/10)


Best Part: The Neighbour drunk being driven home by Jim

Worst Part: Poor usage of the supporting characters from originals

Overall: If you want to watch a comedy from fresh this is good to watch, if you are a fan of the American Pie series this may come off a little disappointing. I guess this is due to having different writers the ones from the Harold and Kumar films, which are funny films but a lower level of comedy. So overall I would watch just for the simple laughs but not to see how some of our favourite characters have be made very simple and almost concluded in a bad way unlike the Hangover wolf pack.

Rating 70%

American Pie: The Wedding (2003)

Director: Jesse Dylan

Writer: Adam Herz (Screenplay)

Starring: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, January Jones, Eugene Levy

Story: It’s the wedding of Him and Michelle and the gathering of their families and friends, including Jim’s old friends from high school and Michelle’s little sister.


Story: Following some of the original characters and how they act leading up to the wedding. It is good seeing how the characters have grown up apart from stifler. The addition of Michelle’s family adds to the story but losing some of the originals is a bit of a loss. (8/10)

Cast: Jason Biggs as Jim – Now still with Michelle he decides to propose to her. Following his exploits on getting everything ready for the wedding. Still has most of the funniest moments but has more serious side to him now.  (9/10)

Seann William Scott as Stifler – Still loud, rude ad outrageous working back at the school with the sports teams. Invites himself to the wedding by helping Jim, while he also is trying to nail Michelle’s sister Cadence. Star Performance (9/10)


Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch – Wiser and more cultured has experienced the world. Also trying to get Cadence but has to act like Stifler to counter act Stifler nice guy routine. (8/10)


Alyson Hannigan as Michelle – Now getting married to Jim she is very against Stifler coming to the wedding, continues her kooky ways we all like about her. (8/10)


Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad – Complete with his excellent speeches in the wrong situations. He also offers advice to Michelle now, which is nice touch. Favourite Character (9/10)


January Jones as Cadence – Michelle’s young sister who sparks an interest in Stifler and Finch. A nice addition to the cast offers something new for Finch and Stifler rivalary, which goes nicely along side the wedding story. (8/10)


Comedy: With some outrageous funny scenes and well-created situation much like bachelor’s party, which does horribly wrong. (9/10)


Music:  Brilliant soundtrack (10/10)


Suggestion: Its hard to say but this was the worst of the three films but it is still funnier than most comedies that come out. I would definitely suggest watching after you have seen the first two. (9/10)


Best Part: A cake, the dogs, Jim and Stifler watch to see how funny this scene is.


Worst Part: Lack of a complete cast from the original when if they were so close they wouldn’t miss their friends wedding.


Similar Too: The Hangover


Overall: What was the final chapter in the American Pie series before the awful straight to DVD ‘sequels’ you can see the decline in the series but you still get the strong laugh and good characters that do get included.

Rating 77%

American Pie 2 (2001)

Director: J.B. Rogers

Writer: Adam Herz (Screenplay)

David H. Steinberg, Adam Herz (Story)

Starring: Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Mena Suvari


Story: The continuing bawdy adventures of a group of friends reuniting after their first year of college.


Story: With the boys back together after their first year at college, they spend the summer in a Lake house partying every night. Showing the next step each character has or in some cases has not taken. The story reflects real life, which I think adds something to make this the best in the series. (9/10)

Cast: Jason Biggs as Jim –The loveable loser is back getting himself into trouble again. Starting when his parents walk in on him again, there is also an unfortunate event with some glue. Hasn’t really grown up as much as he would have liked to and is still waiting for a chance with Nadia (Elizabeth). (9/10)

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin – Again comes up with the plan that involves everyone going to the lake for the summer. Only problem is he is still waiting for Vicki (Reid) and hasn’t taken the next step, which he thought he would have done. Sort of the more serious character of the group makes him less interesting on the comedy side of the story. (8/10)


Seann William Scott as Stifler – Loud, Rude, Outrageous but we love him, Hasn’t grown up at all Still putting everyone down with one liners and has a new grudge with Finch after the Prom the year before. Stifler has become one of the funniest characters ever created. Star Performance (9/10)


Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch – More cultured more grown up and wiser still waiting for his goddess Stifler’s Mum. Doing Tantra all the way through adds some very comical moments for him. (8/10)


Chris Klein as Oz – With his girlfriend Heather (Suvari) going away to Europe for the summer Oz joins the guys. The most grown up of the guys now. (8/10)


Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad –Only because of his speeches are the funniest thing in the whole film because they are always in the most awkward moments. Favourite Character (9/10)


Comedy: Another great instalment of comedy though I think the story is better than the original I feel the overall comedy isn’t as funny but still very funny as the scenarios created are way funnier. (9/10)


Music: Even better soundtrack than the original (10/10)


Suggestion: Out of all the American Pie films this is the one I would suggest to anyone to watch as I feel it is the best. (10/10)


Best Part: The lesbian radio scene


Favourite Quote: Jim’s Dad ‘I think I bring a new meaning to the word cool’


Similar Too: Old School, Road Trip


Overall: With the better story moments and some very funny moments, this is another must watch comedy that will leave you in stitches once it’s all over. With the best moments of life after college before you start going into the big world.

Rating 87%

American Pie (1999)

Director: Paul Weitz

Writer:  Adam Herz (Screenplay)

Starring: Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Mena Suvari

Story: Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose the virginity before going off to college.


Story: A quest for four boys to lose their virginity before they go onto college. A comedy about growing up through the awkward high school years. It also shows how important friends can be. A wonderful high school comedy that all will love. (9/10)

Cast: Jason Biggs as Jim – The guy who has no luck what so ever, be it caught watching adult channels by his parents or a web cam incident or some alone time with an apple pie. A very likeable character that you feel through his misfortunes. Star Performance (9/10)

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin – He creates the pact to help himself and his friends. Basically he is the disappointed boyfriend of Vicki (Reid) after his bad timing on words. Slightly selfish character as the pact seems to be more about him. (8/10)


Seann William Scott as Stifler – The loud mouth friend who usually host the parties. Always finds ways to put people down. A very likeable unlikeable character. (9/10)


Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch – The man of mystery always tries something outside the box to get the attention of the girls. A more cultured character that is the end is just the same as the rest. (8/10)


Chris Klein as Oz – The jock star player on the lacrosse team. Who takes a very different approach to finding a girl; he joins the choir and shows of his feelings. Great character changing role (9/10)


Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad – You never learn his first name, but as he is Jim’s Dad you only ever know him as this. Giving his son the awkward conversations, Brilliant Awkward father role. Favourite Character (9/10)


Comedy: A comedy that is outrageous and is a laugh all the way through (10/10)

Music: Great sound track plus a cameo from Blink 182 (10/10)

Best Part: Jim’s Dads speeches are the highlight of the film

Similar Too: Road Trip, Superbad

Overall: One of the best comedies of the generation and also has some very good moments that are very real moments you will have or going to experience in life. It’s one which everyone will enjoy and now looking back on that time in life it was very funny to see how they acted and comparing it to how I acted.

Rating 84%