ABc Film Challenge – Horror – # – Flight 7500 (2014)

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Writer: Craig Rosenberg (Screenplay)

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Scout Taylor-Compton, Nicky Whelan, Jerry Ferrera, Christian Serratos


Plot: Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean during its ten-hour course, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin.

Tagline – At 30,000 feet. There’s Nowhere to Run

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Tries too Hard


Story: Flight 7500 starts by letting us meet the crew Laura (Bibb), Suzy (Chung) and Captain Pete (Schaech), along with the passengers including couples Brad (Kwanten), Pia (Smart), Liz (Whelan) and Rick (Ferrara) along with a host of singletons Jacinta (Taylor-Compton), Raquel (Serratos) and Jake (Frost) who are traveling from LA to Tokyo on an overnight flight.

When a passenger suddenly dies on the flight, it is only the beginning of a nightmare journey, which brings a supernatural force to the plane, one that nobody is prepared to fight against.


Thoughts on Flight 7500


Characters – Brad and Pia are a married couple looking to take a vacation away from their normal lives, there is some tension between them because of the decision, Brad will help out more during the supernatural phases of the flight as he is prepared for an emergency situation. Laura and Suzy are the two flight attendants, one is having an affair with the pilot, the other is waiting for her wedding day, they are quick to judge the passengers on the flight. We do meet slightly too many characters in this film because we have newlyweds on their honeymoon, a rebellious looking woman, a prankster and a woman worried about her past. By giving us this many characters it makes it hard to learn everything about them.

PerformancesWe have a cast that are all known actors here, most you might not remember their names, but you will have seen them before, first we have Ryan Kwanten, who like most of this cast is going to get the same problem with their performance, they don’t get time to make an impact, we seem to waste Amy Smart getting not enough time to make any impact for her talent. Leslie Bibb is stronger, but only because her character is in the position to be allowed to make a different.

StoryThe story follows the passengers and crew of a 10 hour flight that start getting haunted by a supernatural presence mid-flight causing them to need to figure out what is going on before it is too late, with nowhere to run. This story does end up throwing us into a mystery about what is happening, which doesn’t really get solved by the characters on the plane, only to end up trying to turn to a big reveal on the truth, which feels more like a cop out leaving too many unanswered questioned in the story.

Horror/Mystery/Sci-FiThe horror elements are interesting because we do get to focus on the idea of something supernatural going on, this does dive into the mystery, sci-fi elements of the film because once we learn what the answers are.

SettingsThe film is set on a plane which is important because once in flight, there is nowhere our passengers can go and when things start going through the supernatural events.

Scene of the Movie –
Adding the pieces together.

That Moment That Annoyed Me It just seems to end.

Final ThoughtsThis is a horror mystery which starts off keeping us interested, only for it to run out of ideas and just end suddenly.


Overall: A horror without a true ending.




ABC Film Challenge – Crime – K – Kidnapping Freddy Heineken (2015)

Director: Daniel Alfredson

Writer: William Brookfield (Screenplay) Peter R de Vries (Book)

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten, Anthony Hopkins, Mark van Eeuwen


Plot: The inside story of the planning, execution, rousing aftermath and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred “Freddy” Heineken, which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Action Crime


Story: Kidnapping Freddy Heineken starts as we follow our five criminals Cor Van Hout (Sturgess), Willem (Worthington), Cat (Kwanten), Spikes (Eeuwen) and Brakes (Cocquerel) who have always been looking for a way to make money quickly instead of getting real jobs in Holland. Their latest plan is to kidnap beer tycoon Freddy Heineken (Hopkins) and collecting the ransom.

With the plan in place the kidnapping goes well the wait for the ransom is what takes the time and tests the strength of the kidnappers over the victims as we follow what could be the undoing of the men.


Thoughts on Kidnapping Freddy Heineken


Characters – Cor Van Hout is the leader of the gang, he brings his men together to complete the jobs with some failing and others not, he comes up with the latest job while his personal life is about to hit the highs a father could experience. Willem is the hot head of the group who will go past the marks to make the job get done and he could become the biggest problem involved. Freddy Heineken is the beer tycoon that has become the target of this men and he stays extremely calm through his ordeal trying to friend his kidnappers too.

PerformanceJim Sturgess is strong in the leading role of this film throughout feeling like the rest would listen to his every word. Sam Worthington is good in the loose cannon role too. Anthony Hopkins is as always the star of the show here as you want to see all of his scenes.

StoryThe story is based on the true story of what happened when a group of criminals kidnap the tycoon and how they were not completely sure things would work and how things could go wrong. This is good because it doesn’t go down a slick as the best heist movies but is also calm enough to feel like it is based on real people human errors through the heist.

Action/CrimeThere are a couple of good car chases through the film which do make up the action side of things while the whole story is about the crime being committed.

SettingsThe streets involved in Amsterdam show us how tight the car chases can be and escape routes by more than just road, we do feel like this is authentic with how everything unfolds during the crime.

Scene of the Movie – Freddy’s orders.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The clear choice for a problem is having some Dutch cast members but the leads are not.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the films that didn’t get much talk when it came out but I don’t understand why, it is an enjoyable and one film that is worth watching for all the heist fans out there.


Overall: Good heist film.




The Hurricane Heist (2018)

Director: Rob Cohen

Writer: Scott Windhauser, Jeff Dixon (Screenplay) Anthony Fingleton, Carlos Davis (Story)

Starring: Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, Ralph Ineson, Melissa Bolona, Ben Cross, Jamie Andrew Cutler


Plot: Thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its Mint facilities.

Tagline – The ultimate storm for the perfect heist.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Special Effects Mess


Story: The Hurricane Heist starts as two brothers Will and Breeze witness their father killed in a hurricane as children. Present day Will (Kebbell) work on providing the earliest possible detection for storms, Breeze (Kwanten) is an engineer for the treasury and a drunk.

When a new storm looks likely to hit, it just so happens to be when a group of bank robbers plan to rob the treasury, leaving only Casey (Grace) to fight back, with the brothers helping in their own way.


Thoughts on The Hurricane Heist


Characters – Will is the younger of the two brothers, he wants to figure out how to save lives with his science to predict storms, he reluctantly agrees to help Casey when the robbery happens and will need to face his past and over come his fears. Breeze is the older brother of the two, he has become a drunk even though he served for his country, he never left town and uses his skills to fight back against the thieves. Casey is the officer that is forced into taking on the criminals trying to take the money, determined to do the right thing after making a mistake in her past. The crooks and criminals are generic as the come, either hackers who believe they know it all, tired employees and opportunists.

PerformancesI hate having to say bad things about these actors, I feel they do the best they can, Toby Kebbell gives us one of the most generic American accents you will ever hear, Maggie Grace handling the combat is the highlight of the acting in this film if we are being honest.

StoryThe story on paper should be fun, a heist with a hurricane in the back drop, this is like Hard Rain when it comes to this concept. The problem is the film does take itself too seriously and falls into a generic heist movie mixed with a confusingly painful disaster movie, what sort of hurricane is this? The story isn’t even the biggest problem with this movie.

ActionThe action tries to be very big, but only ends up feeling laughable for the most part leaving you losing interest in the action set pieces.

SettingsThe film is set in a town in America, it seems to be generic town 101.

Special EffectsWhen people laugh at Sharknado, the film knows it has bad CGI, this movie thinks it has good effects and they are barely on the same level as Sharknado.

Scene of the Movie –
Speed bump.

That Moment That Annoyed Me CGI is awful.

Final ThoughtsThis is a movie you will need to be wasted to get any enjoyment out off, it is dull, boring and a CGI mess.


Overall: This is why we can’t have nice things.




Knights of Badassdom (2013)

logoDirector: Joe Lynch

Writer: Kevin Dreyfuss, Matt Wall (Screenplay)

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Jimmi Simpson


Plot: Live-action role players conjure up a demon from Hell by mistake and they must deal with the consequences.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Comedy But Not Fantastic


Story: Knights of Badassdom starts by explaining about an ancient book that brings demons to life and that has been hidden for years but has been found by a group of role playing friends Eric (Zahn), Hung (Dinklage), Ronnie (Simpson) and more. Their ritual is interrupted by some paint ballers who then open the book.  Next we meet Joe (Kwanten) you everyday slacker who enjoys death metal and lives in a castle with the rest of the guys and gets dumped by his girlfriend.

Eric and Hung help Joe get over his break up by getting him high leading to him to pass out and take him to a role playing event against his will. Ronnie still has a grudge with Joe and as he is hosting the event as the gamemaster he is putting thing together. For Joe to be able to compete in the game he must have a ritual performed on him giving him a chance to have a real sword again, but the group ends up summoning a real demon. The missions are lined up and the three friends are joined by the beautiful Gwen (Glau) as they have a fun filled time while the demon starts taking out the people taking part in the weekend. The remaining members of the game players have to team up to beat the demon which has left bodies all over the game.

Knights of Badassdom gets to make light of the idea of role playing events that people do enjoy, it might not be for everyone but the people who do it do get enjoyment which is shown in the film. The film also keeps things very simple with the story of two friends trying to help another get over a girlfriend only for him to meet a new love interest and prove himself in combat. The film doesn’t take itself too serious and is very easy to watch, the fans of Big Bang Theory will enjoy the comedy but otherwise it will look strange at time. This is one story that will be easily forgotten but equal enjoyed. (6/10)


Actor Review


Ryan Kwanten: Joe the run of the mile slacker who gets dumped because he wasn’t growing up, his friends take him to a role playing weekend only to end up having to fight a real demon. Ryan takes the lead role and fits the reluctant hero idea well without really shining. (6/10)


Peter Dinklage: Hung friend of Joe’s who makes him go to the weekend and explains the rules, but he doesn’t last as long as we would have liked which is a huge disappoint because he is the biggest name in the dam film. Peter does well for his short time on screen making a laugh happen with every line. (7/10)


Steve Zahn: Eric the sorcerer of the group of friends who upon finding a new book actually brings a real demon to life and has to figure out a way to send it back to hell. Steve shows he is always a good comic relief character here and usually has the funniest lines. (7/10)


Summer Glau: Gwen the beautiful warrior that looks completely out of place in the event but also proves to be one of the best players in the game. Summer does a good job a continues to show she will always appear in geek themed films. (7/10)


Jimmi Simpson: Ronnie Kwok the game master for the weekend who has been planning the event for months but everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Jimmi brings his unique style to this film well and makes the quirky role his own. (7/10)


Support Cast: Knights of Badassdom has a supporting cast that is most the rest of the players in the game that all face the demon and most lose.


Director Review: Joe Lynch – Joe has openly said he has disowned this film and I would like to see how his vision of the film really went before making him work. (NA/10)


Comedy: Knights of Badassdom does have some funny moments but not enough to make it a real comedy of memorable levels. (5/10)

Fantasy: Knights of Badassdom takes us into a real fantasy world of role playing which works for the idea of the film. (7/10)

Horror: Knights of Badassdom enters into the real tongue in cheek world of horror, where things happen but they are just bloody not scary. (6/10)

Settings: Knights of Badassdom ends up putting us into a real isolation idea for the horror with nowhere to run and no one to call. (7/10)
Special Effects
: Knights of Badassdom has basic effects you can tell how fake some of it is but that also helps because it makes it all look like part of the role playing. (7/10)

Suggestion: Knights of Badassdom is one to try but I can’t guarantee everyone will enjoy it. (Try It)


Best Part: Demon destroyed.

Worst Part: The terrible song to beat the demon.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Tagline: ‘Tis about to get medieval up in here.

Trivia: The main cast went through Live Action Role Playing sessions before filming and Peter Dinklage was declared the most successful out of everyone.


Overall: This is a real just simple fun film that never really gets to the full level it could achieve.

Rating 60

Dead Silence (2007)

Director: James Wan

Writer: Leigh Whannell, James Wan

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Fairman, Joan Heney, Bob Gunton, Laura Regen, Judith Roberts


Story When a mysterious doll is set to Jamie (Kwanten) and his new wife Lisa (Regen) strange things start to happen. That nigh when Jamie is out something kills Lisa. Jamie believes the doll caused her death, while Detective Lipton (Wahlberg) believes Jamie himself killed her. Jamie travels home to see his father (Gunton) and his new wife Ella (Valletta). While visiting his hometown her learns more about what he thought was just a ghost story. The story of Mary Shaw (Roberts) a ventriloquist who was murdered, but was there more to her death? Can Jamie uncover the truth before he becomes the latest victim?


Verdict Following up on the success of Saw director James Wan and Writer Leigh Whannell give us a beyond the grave ghost story with another great twist ending. The story follows the ABC of horror with the idea of a ghost story becoming a reality which works to good effect by gripping the audience all the way through. The scares are very much using a slow build up leading jump scenes. This as a horror thriller is a very good watch and you should give it a watch if you want simple scares.

Story Mark 8/10 Simple story well told.

Horror Mark 8/10 You can see where the writer and director learnt before the excellent Insidious good jump horror without being truly scary.

Character Development Mark 8/10 Good back stories collected on main characters.

Special Effects Mark 8/10 The victims look very realistic.

Favourite Character Jamie he is clearly upset about what happens to his wife but is more determined to find out the truth.

Least Favourite Character Detective Lipton What is with the razor?

Best Part The twist ending.

Fun Trivia – You can see the Jigsaw doll in the room with 101 dolls in.

Similar Too – Child’s Play, The Ring, The Grudge

My Rating 81%