Franchise Weekend – Jaws 3D (1983)

Director: Joe Alves

Writer: Richard Matheson, Carl Gottlieb (Screenplay) Guerdon Trueblood (Story)

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale, Louis Gossett Jr, John Putch, Lea Thompson


Plot: The sons of police chief Brody must protect customers at a SeaWorld theme park after a thirty-five-foot shark becomes trapped in the park with them.

Tagline – The third dimension is terror

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: They Can’t Get Worse


Story: Jaws 3 starts as we follow the sons of Chief Brody, Mike (Quaid) who works at sea world with his girlfriend Dr Kathryn Morgan (Armstrong) as they receive a visit from Sean (Putch) who has followed in his father’s footsteps by being afraid of the water. With Seaworld getting a visit from celebrity Philip FitzRoyce (MacCorkindale) everything is ready for a new stamp of approval.

When it turns out that a great white shark has taken up home in the lagoon Kay wants to capture it for good reasons, while Philip wants to turn into a sport and kill it, can they find a safe solution?


Thoughts on Jaws 3


Characters – Mike Brody is the son of the Chief in the first two films, now grown up, he builds the worlds for Seaworld alongside his girlfriend who works with the animals, he is on the verge of a big transfer which will make serious money and his career, now he must work to save the park much like his father did, fighting a shark. Kay is girlfriend of Mike, she works with the wildlife in the park, wanting to do the best for the shark that appears there. Philip FitzRoyce is here to help with press as he knows how to add the crowds to the audience.

PerformancesDennis Quaid is ok in this movie, he doesn’t reach the levels we know he can reach, Bess Armstrong is the strongest part of the film because you can understand both her and her characters reactions. The rest of the cast are fine to poor, they are not as annoying as the kids in the last film.

StoryThe story has jumped a few years now, following the kids does make sense, we follow of a Seaworld that gets an uninvited guest in sharks move into the lagoon. The team must get them out, this is the story as the ambitious money hunger park owner puts lives at risk and a guy named Brody must try to save the day. There is nothing overly new here, it doesn’t build on the scale of the original two films and just feels almost a waste in the most part.

Adventure/HorrorThis doesn’t have the feel of an adventure and sadly it doesn’t come off scary in anyway, this just turns out to be bland.

SettingsHaving the film set in a Seaworld environment is something we wouldn’t see anymore because of the hatred towards them, but this setting almost plays out like a marketing campaign for them,

Special EffectsThis film tried to do 3D, it failed.

Scene of the Movie –
Watching someone get eaten.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Those effects.

Final ThoughtsThis is a weaker sequel that just ends up being boring for the most part, it doesn’t build on the legacy in anyway either.


Overall: Just bad all around.




The Omega Man (1971)

Director: Boris Sagal

Writer: John William Corrington, Joyce Hooper Corrington (Screenplay) Richard Matheson (Novel)

Starring: Charlton Heston, Anthony Zerbe, Rosalind Cash, Paul Koslo, Eric Laneuville, Lincoln Kilpatrick


Plot: Army doctor Robert Neville struggles to create a cure for the plague that wiped out most of the human race.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Dated Sci-Fi Film


Story: The Omega Man starts as we follow Neville (Heston) living in an abandoned New York City as he searches for resources to help him discover a cure for the disease which wiped out most of the population. At night, blind humans who can’t be in sunlight appear, led by Matthias (Zerbe) as we learn both are battling each other.

When the two clash they do discover they are both just fighting to survive but it is the new human in town Lisa (Cash) that saves Neville from certain death from the creatures of the night as they search for the cure.


Thoughts on The Omega Man


Characters – Neville lives alone in New York City, well by day he treats it like whatever he wants, taking what he wants but preparing for safety from the Brotherhood, he is searching for a cure and when he learns of other humans he steps up his search. Matthias is the leader of the brotherhood who roam the streets at night looking to kill Neville for his involvement in the creation of the infection. Lisa is another human that has been hiding in safety from both the battling sides but when one of their own start to show infection she must risk everything to get Neville to find a cure. She is able to handle herself in battle against enemies that put her life in danger.

PerformanceCharlton Heston was always a good action lead back at the time of release and he was star power with his good performance, Anthony Zerbe is also good as you need to have the creepy villain while Rosalind Cash does make for a strong female character.

StoryA virus as destroyed most of humanity leaving just one man needing to find a cure before the last pocket are killed or infected, well this is easy to follow, I like how the villains are just humans that are infected rather than creatures which we see in the remake, but otherwise is generic in every way as it leads up to the finale moments.

Action/Sci-FiThe action is just random gun battles which is fine but nothing special with the sci-fi elements coming from the idea the world has now been destroyed for the most part.

SettingsAn empty New York is haunting throughout the film, along with all the empty locations we find our character going through, showing just how our big world would become empty with no one in it.

Scene of the Movie – Shopping.

That Moment That Annoyed Me You don’t get enough as to why Matthias is leading a cult like group.

Final ThoughtsThis is a film that has dated badly and even not being the biggest fan of I am Legend I couldn’t help but find that a much more interesting film all around.


Overall: Sci-Fi doesn’t always stand the test of time.




Stir of Echoes (1999)

logoDirector: David Koepp

Writer: David Koepp (Screenplay) Richard Matheson (Novel)

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Zachary David Cope, Kathryn Erbe, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Dunn, Conor O’Farrell, Jennifer Morrison

Plot: After being hypnotized by his sister in law, a man begins seeing haunting visions of a girl’s ghost and a mystery begins to unfold around her.




Verdict: Ghost Hunter


Story: We start by seeing a struggling family whose son is talking to a ghostly figure. After the husband gets hypnotised by his sister in law he starts getting visions. When it becomes apparent that the two have been seeing the same ghost of a missing girl they try to figure out what is going on. As the story continues both father and son start to become less responsive and it is up to the mother to try and stop what has control of them, while the father finds to uncover the truth.

As the story goes this is very thin we see the family who are close but struggling become distant while the ghost haunts them. It never touches the mother but tries to take over the husband. We don’t get enough to give us anything to work with while he try to figure out what happened as we meet very little suspect list. We also fail to use the ability or solving of having it. It turns into a very plain ghost haunting mystery with little to no scares. (6/10)


Actor Review


Kevin Bacon: Tom Witzky father of the family who after being hypnotised starts to see a ghost. He starts to become obsessed with finding out the answer to why he is being haunted. Kevin gives a solid performance and shines through the confrontation scenes. (7/10)


Zachary David Cope: Jake Witzky son who has been talking to the ghost for a while and has a connection with it. Zachary gives a solid performance and does well for a young actor. (6/10)


Kathryn Erbe: Maggie Witzky wife and mother who is watching her husband fall into madness trying to figure out what is going on. She challenges both of them but only gets shot down because she doesn’t see the ghost haunting them. Kathryn gives a solid performance. (6/10)


Support Cast: Be it the suspects, victims or family members they all help the main characters get to the final outcome.


Director Review: David Koepp – David does a solid job to create a ghost mystery film but it fails to collect enough scares or twists for horror. (5/10)


Horror: Has very little scares and the ones we do get have a weak build up. (4/10)

Mystery: Even though it turns into a mystery it doesn’t pull us in as we meet no false suspects. (5/10)

Settings: The home makes a good setting to show the lead losing his mind. (7/10)

Suggestion: This will be a good film for the basic fans of the haunting mystery film. (Try It)


Best Part: The Final twist.

Worst Part: Lack of scares

What Could Have Been Better?

  • More suspects
  • More scares


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: There is a sequel.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $

Budget: $12 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

Tagline: In every mind there is a door that has never been opened.


Overall: Basic Horror Mystery


The Box (2009)

logoDirector: Richard Kelly

Writer: Richard Kelly (Screenplay) Richard Matheson (Short Story ‘Button, Button’)

Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella, James Rebhorn, Holmes Osborne, Celia Weston


Plot: Norma (Diaz) and Arthur Lewis (Marsden), a suburban couple with a young child, receive a simple wooden box as a gift, which bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. A mysterious stranger delivers the message that the box promises to bestow upon its owner $1 million with the press of a button. However, pressing this button will simultaneously cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world, someone they don’t know. With just 24 hours to have the box in their possession, Norma and Arthur find themselves in the cross-hairs of a startling moral dilemma and must face the true nature of their humanity.


Verdict: Thought Provoking Thriller


Story: What looks like it will just test you on whether you would press the button, turns into a conspiracy thriller mixed with alien invasion or testing. This all comes off very clever but also outsmarts itself at times. You really have to see this a couple of times to really understand everything that is going on, but if you go in knowing this is from the Donnie Darko and Southland Tales director you will know it will try to confuse you but also give you the answers. If you are trying to find a smart thriller this is a story that really puts some of the over the top films to shame. (8/10)


Actor Review


Cameron Diaz: Norma the wife in the situation to change her life forever with the money and that would help her have the surgery on her disfigured foot. Good performance from the actress who is most well known for her glamourize roles, turns in to a regular house wife well. (8/10)


James Marsden: Arthur astronaut hopeful who dreams are dashed but with the chance to get some money things start to change. Good performance but at times he looks a bit lost in what the character should be doing. (7/10)


Frank Langella: Arlington the mysterious disfigured man who offers the family a chance to make a million dollars at the push of a button, but is there something out of this world about him. Good performance showing how the power of mystery. (8/10)


Director Review: Richard Kelly – As a big fan of both his other films I found this a perfect fit for his abilities to make you really think about what is happening. (9/10)


Mystery: You will be questioning every action the characters take during the film. (9/10)

Sci-Fi: Looking into the idea that something is trying to check up on us rather than taking over. (9/10)

Thriller: Really keeps you thinking from start to finish. (9/10)

Settings: All very planned settings to add something to each scene and each moment of the story. (9/10)
Special Effects
: With few uses of effects rather focusing on mind set the few moments that are used all look very good. (8/10)

Suggestion: I think this really needs to be given a chance, but you will have to give the film your full concentration to enjoy it. (Try It)


Best Part: A simple idea turned into something very smart.

Worst Part: Blink you might miss something.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $33,333,531

Budget: $30 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

Tagline: You are the experiment.

Trivia:Norma and Arthur are based on Richard Kelly’s real parents


Overall: Smart Thriller

Rating 85