Matthew Fox Weekend – Alex Cross (2012)

Director: Rob Cohen

Writer: Marc Moss, Kerry Williamson (Screenplay) James Patterson (Novel)

Starring: Tyler Perry, Edward Burns, Matthew Fox, Jean Reno, Carmen Ejogo, Cicely Tyson, Rachel Nichols


Plot: A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled hired killer who specializes in torture and pain.

Tagline – Don’t Ever Cross Alex Cross

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fox Shines


Story: Alex Cross starts with homicide detective Alex Cross (Perry) and his team Thomas (Burns) and Monica (Nichols) needing to show their skills when a new hired killer nicknamed Picasso (Fox) uses his torture and pain techniques while eliminating people.

When the team learns of the targets they must work with who they think is the main target Giles Mercier (Reno), but this has made his team the newest targets for Picasso, who makes the killings personal.


Thoughts on Alex Cross


Characters – Dr Alex Cross is a homicide detective, we have seen this character before, but this time we meet a younger version of him, before he becomes the FBI agent we know. Alex has a family and is on the way to making his big career decision, when Picasso comes into his life, Alex will need to balance his skills and rage to stop him. Picasso is a hired gun, he is one of the very best in the world, he enjoys the pain he gives and receives, he makes his mission personal and drives Alex to limits he has never been pushed before. Thomas is the partner of Alex, he is shorter tempered, but loyal to Alex. Giles Mercier seems to be the main target of Picasso mission, he is the rich man that gets what he wants.

PerformancesTyler Perry was considered a strange choice for the leading role in this movie, known mostly for comedy and taking over from Morgan Freeman, he just doesn’t reach his levels, but is good through the film. it is Matthew Fox that shines the most as the cold calculated killer that enjoys the pain. The commitment Fox showed to this role needs to be praised because of the physical change he put his body through makes him an unlikely looking threat. Edward Burn is good as the partner while not being anything special and Jean Reno will always be good in the role he takes.

StoryTo step into another Alex Cross story is always going to be interesting, picking up before he became an FBI agent helps us understand what drove him to be the determined man we know. Making the story personal for Cross shows how he can balance the law and revenge in his attempts to solve the crime. The story might not reach the level of intensity is could have for a personal story, it does everything we need for an entertaining crime mystery thriller.

Action/Crime/MysteryThe action involved in the film is good, even if moments of the effects used are weak. The crime is an interesting one to watch unfold, but it takes away from the mystery because we are always on the same level of the cops, we are not feed anything to solve.

SettingsDetroit makes for a good setting, it always feels like it is a place known for the crime rates.

Scene of the Movie –
Picasso introduction fight.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The Rocket effects.

Final ThoughtsThis is an easy to watch crime thriller, it does everything it needs to do and is carried by a wonderful villain performance from Fox.


Overall: Crime fans watch.





Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Raze (2013)

razeDirector: Josh C Waller

Writer: Robert Beaucage (Screenplay) Robert Beaucage, Kenny Gage, Josh C Waller (Story)

Starring: Zoe Bell, Rachel Nichols, Tracie Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Bailey Anne Borders, Rebecca Marshall, Allene Quincy, Doug Jones


Plot: Raze, a horror/action film, focuses on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Messy Fighter Film


Story: Raze starts as we watch Sabrina (Bell) and Jamie (Nichols) kidnapped and taken to remote building along with 50 other women who have been whittled down to 22 to fight to the death by Joseph (Jones).

The women are forced to fight or their loved ones will pay the price and we are left to wonder who will make it out alive.

Raze comes off as a fight for survival film which goes along the lines of an Unleashed just without the passion behind any of the character’s decisions or making us care about anyone in the film. This comes from introducing too many characters and having no structure to when they fight. In the end this has no shocks and the twists come off as complete fails by the end of the film.


Actor Review


Zoe Bell: Sabrina is the tough silent woman who is easy to turn into a deadly weapon. As all the women are fighting for something Sabrina’s battle is to save her daughter from these people. Zoe is solid but doesn’t really carry the film enough for the lead in it.

Doug Jones: Joseph runs the fighting competition and is very proud of his work hosting it. He keeps his fighters in check while keeping his clients happy with the fights. Doug is good with his few scenes but needs to be a much more impactful character for the story.

Tracie Thomas: Teresa is the eldest of the fighters who tries to keep the others calm but she is just as deadly in the combat room. Tracie is good for a supporting role.

Support Cast: Raze has a string of supporting characters who are all disposable fighters with weak generic back story to hopefully make us care about what is going on.

Director Review: Josh C WallerJosh gives us a film that has more potential but really just ends up falling very flat with unlikable characters throughout.


Action: Raze has very basic fighting action with nothing really reaching the brutality it could have.

Horror: Raze doesn’t have the elements of horror to become scary in anyway.

Settings: Raze keeps the settings looking very raw throughout to show the conditions the women have to fight in.
Special Effects
: Raze has good effects when it comes to the kills even if a lot is camera work.

Suggestion: Raze is really one you could avoid because it really just comes off messy in places. (Avoid)


Best Part: The final act is good.

Worst Part: Fighting choices have no really decision about them.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

Tagline: No man could survive this.


Overall: Messy action horror that lacks any moment of real shocks.




Pandemic (2016)

casting ardDirector: John Suits

Writer: Dustin T Benson (Screenplay)

Starring: Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen, Missi Pyle, Mekhi Phifer, Paul Guilfoyle, Danielle Rose Russell, Pat Healy, Robert Lewis Stephenson


Plot: Pandemic is set in the near future, where a virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. There are more infected than uninfected, and humanity is losing its grip on survival. Its only hope is finding a cure and keeping the infected contained. Lauren (Rachel Nichols) is a doctor, who, after the fall of New York, comes to Los Angeles to lead a team to hunt for and rescue uninfected survivors.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Non-Stop Action Thrill Ride


Story: Pandemic starts as we follow in first person Lauren (Nichols) who is about to go on her first mission searching for survivors in a virus hit Los Angeles. Lauren is the doctor who can discover who is infected collecting all of her instruction from Doctor Greer (Guilfoyle) as we learn all of the different stages of infection before the ravenous stage.

Lauren joins driver Wheeler (Allen), gunman Gunner (Phifer) and navigator Denise (Pyle) as they look for a large group of potential survivors that are not infected, a journey that will take them through the devastated streets with different levels of infected.

Pandemic is a fresh take on the outbreak subgenre of sci-fi, the film never enters into the idea that we are dealing with zombies but focuses on stages of infection. The time period which the film is set works because it is well after the outbreak but before it is all safe. The story being shot mostly from inside the helmets gives us the point of view as if we were dealing with the event unfolding too. While these are all positives the actual story is very routine and feels like a video game with the go to point A but get distracted into side missions. I do like how this has moments of coming bleak with most moments getting fully answered by the end of the film.


Actor Review


Rachel Nichols: Lauren is the former CDC doctor who has just arrived on the compound of survivors during a virus outbreak. Her new assignment is to go into the field to help search for survivors but her judgement becomes a problem when she wants to find her own daughter and that she isn’t prepared for the world outside the barrier. Rachel is very strong in this role showing strength when needed but weakness from the early stages.

Alfie Allen: Wheeler is the driver on the crew, he is the always out to make sure he lives. He is honest it how he treats the mission being the only one who can drive the bus too. Alfie is good in this role which is a very different role to the Game of Thrones character we know him for.

Missi Pyle: Denise is the navigator on the mission, she has lost her child before the outbreak which keeps her grounded during all of the events around the outbreak. Missi is good in this role very different to the normal quirky characters we are used to seeing her in.

Mekhi Phifer: Gunner is the muscles on the crew he takes care of all of the deadly encounters but wants to locate the previous mission that has his wife was part of. He doesn’t take any shit from anyone but will keep the team together for as long as he can. Mekhi is good in this role that shows him in a different light to his previous outing in a virus film from Dawn of the Dead.

Support Cast: Pandemic has a small supporting cast with Paul Guilfoyle being the only real stand-out character we meet with most of the rest just being infected characters all involved through different scenarios.

Director Review: John SuitsJohn gives us a brilliant vision of being involved during the outbreak.


Action: Pandemic has some of the most breath-taking action sequences involving surviving the infected.

Sci-Fi: Pandemic takes us into a world where a virus has taken over the population leaving the uninfected being outnumbered by the infected.

Thriller: Pandemic does keep us on edge from start to finish wondering where the film will go next.

Settings: Pandemic uses LA as the setting which shows us a heavily populated area being overrun with infected.
Special Effects
: Pandemic uses the first person for the effects in the film along with all of the kills being used.

Suggestion: Pandemic is one I do think the action sci-fi fans will enjoy. (Watch)


Best Part: First person idea.

Worst Part: Some people might not like certain shaky cam moments.

Action Scene Of The Film: The Tunnel because it shows what we will be getting.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel:

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too:


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Tagline: You Are Humanity’s Last Stand


Overall: Heart-pounding action thriller




Rose McGowan Weekend – Conan the Barbarian (2011)

logoDirector: Marcus Nispel

Writer: Thomas Dean Donnelly, Joshua Oppenheimer, Sean Hood(Screenplay) Robert E Howard (Characters)

Starring: Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, Bob Sapp, Leo Howard, Steven O’Donnell, Nonso Anozie

Plot: A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Solid Darker Remake

Story: Conan the Barbarian starts by filling us in with all the information we need about what will drive this story as we know the necromancers would bee conquered by the Barbarian tribes who each go their separate ways with part of the skull that will help take over the world. Prophecy proclaims that one day one man will try to reunite the skull collect th true power and that one person will be born in battle. Conan still in his mother’s womb as she is stab gets freed by his father Corin (Perlman) before she dies. Time for a training session that gets real where Conan shows off his real power as just a boy. When Khalar Zym (Lang) and his men attack the village Corin is murdered for his tribes part of the skull mask.

Now fully grown Conan (Momoa) takes on slavers and pirates alike as he searches for the man who killed his father. Conan finally gets a chance to meet one of the soldiers who was involved in the attack where he learns of Zym and his plan. Zym is after a pure girl named Tamara (Nichols) to complete his transcendence to become a true God and along with his daughter Marique (McGowan) he knows where to look. Conan saves Tamara and uses her to get to Khalar Zym so he can finally get his chance and revenge fr his father’s murder.

Conan the Barbarian brings us the a remake to the cult classic and brings a much darker tone to the story. We have plenty of violence but a large amount seems to be on the horses (which I know is fake) but feels very unnecessary. The story has change slightly but the main idea of revenge for the death or family stands firm. I do feel the whole story is very dark and lets the violence happen making the barbarian look stronger throughout. I don’t think the villain comes off as bad as the original one because we don’t see enough evil from him before the final battle. This isn’t the most amazing film but in the end brings a new flavour to the classic. (6/10)

Actor Review

Jason Momoa: Conan is the fearless warrior, deadly as they come who is fuelled with vengeance after his father is killed by Khalar Zym. He can slay countless enemies to free the slaves. Jason comes into this role fresh off the back of the Game of Thrones Drago bring his strong screen presence to this role. (7/10)conan

Stephen Lang: Khalar Zym is the warlord who became a king but is planning to become a God once he gets his hands on Tamara. He is deadly in combat and along with his daughter Marique stays one step ahead of his enemies. Stephen brings us a good villain but I do feel we needed a lot more from his character. (6/10)

Rachel Nichols: Tamara is the pure blood who has become the problem of being wanted by Zym and Conan so the two can end their battle. Rachel brings us the basic damsel in distress role but not much else. (5/10)tamara

Ron Perlman: Corin is Conan’s father and might warrior leader of his tribe, he has taught Conan a lot but still believes there is more that he could learn. When his village gets over run and captured by the evil Khalar Zym he must make the sacrifice to save his son from death. This is a typical Ron Perlman performance where he is a strong in a supporting role. (7/10)corin

Rose McGowan: Marique is the mystical witch daughter of Zym who helps him discover everything he needs, she can sense pure bloods and uncover items but she also isn’t afraid to kill when she doesn’t get her way. Rose brings us an almost unrecognisable performance that shows she can play both sides of the coins. (7/10)martqe

Support Cast: Conan the Barbarian has a supporting cast that all become generic sidekick characters who always turn up when needed as well as the villainous foes that the Conan takes on to get to Zym.

Director Review: Marcus Nispel – Michael gives us a solid remake with plenty of action throughout the film. (6/10)

Action: Conan the Barbarian has action in nearly ever scene with Conan raking up a body count along the way. (8/10)

Settings: Conan the Barbarian uses the generic settings of a fantasy world of warriors fighting to stop demons. (6/10)
Special Effects: Conan the Barbarian has a real mixed bag of good and bad effects, you can see the CGI when it happens but certain scenes do look very good. (4/10)

Suggestion: Conan the Barbarian is one for the action stars to try because it will end up having good moments but in the end if you a fan of the original you might not enjoy this one. (Try It)

Best Part: Much Darker.

Worst Part: Horse violence

Action Scene Of The Film: Sand people attack.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: It is being remade with Schwarzenegger.

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $21 Million

Budget: $70 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

Tagline: Enter An Age Undreamed Of

Overall: Darker, slicker but not the classic you want to see remade