Franchise Weekend – The French Connection II (1975)

frenchDirector: John Frankenheimer

Writer: Alexander Jacobs, Robert Dillon, Laurie Dillon (Screenplay) Robert Dillon, Laurie Dillon (Story)

Starring: Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Bernard Fresson, Philippe Leotard, Ed Lauter, Charles Millot


Plot: “Popeye” Doyle travels to Marseille to find Alain Charnier, the drug smuggler who eluded him in New York.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Nice Conclusion to Story


Story: The French Connection II starts as Doyle (Hackman) has gone to France to track down Alain Charnier (Rey) who left him looking stupid with his escape from New York. Henri Barthelemy (Fresson) is the connection with the French Police who are happier to push him off the trial leaving Doyle to work on his own in a country he doesn’t understand the language and sticks out like a saw thumb.

After Doyle gets captured by Charnier and his men they force him onto drugs for three weeks before realizing that this is making their operations hard when the police are all over the streets looking for Doyle, could this really have been the first miss-step in Charnier plans that will lead him to get catch.

The French Connection II does end up just continuing the story and how it ended last time around. We do get a much more personal story for Doyle with the drug abuse he is forced to go through. The style feels very similar as we have plenty of foot races through the streets. We do get plenty to look forward to but the base story is just one man chasing down the criminal.


Actor Review


Gene Hackman: Doyle is the New York police detective that travels to France to try and capture his nemesis Alain Charnier, unwanted by the French police he is giving the corner like desk and followed around the town before he gets captured by Charnier and force into drugs for three weeks before having to go through withdrawal before he can finally take down his enemy. Gene does good returning to this character who has to go through a lot more than his previous outing.

Fernando Rey: Alain Charnier is the man who escaped from Doyle hands in New York, he continues to run his enterprise in France but now the games are on his home soil. He takes things to the next level to get Doyle to leave him alone only to find himself against an even more determined Doyle. Fernando returns as this character but doesn’t feel as strong as previous film.

Bernard Fresson: Barthelemy is the inspector in France who tries to push Doyle away by just letting him do his thing but ends up team up with Doyle to take down Charnier once and for all. Bernard does good job in this role making him good supporting character.

Support Cast: The French Connection II has the typical supporting cast you would see in most cop dramas.

Director Review: John FrankenheimerJohn does well to continue the story even though he doesn’t reach the full intensity of the original.


Action: The French Connection II has plenty of chase sequences through the film but mostly foot ones.

Crime: The French Connection II continues the crime story created from the first film to finish the personal battle.

Thriller: The French Connection II doesn’t manage to pull you to the edge of your seat like the previous outing.

Settings: The French Connection II uses all the French settings which works for the film giving us beautiful backdrops as well as tight streets.
: The French Connection II is a film that you should watch after seeing the original. (Watch)


Best Part: Final chase.

Worst Part: Bit slower that original


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

Tagline: THE FRENCH CONNECTION was only the beginning-THIS is the climax


Overall: Climax that answers all the final questions