Terminator Genisys (2015)

lgoDirector: Alan Taylor

Writer: Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier (Screenplay) James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd (Characters)

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, Matt Smith, Courtney B Vance, Byung-hun Lee

Plot: John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Popcorn Sequel

Story: Terminator Genisys starts with narration from Kyle Reese (Courtney) and how Sky-net destroyed the world in 1997 leaving the few survivors either running or becoming slaves to the robots constantly running from Terminators. John Connor (Jason Clarke) saves a young Kyle Reese who is leading the resistant. When John is planning the final attack it looks like a complete success until they discover Sky-Net has sent a Terminator back in time, when Kyle volunteers to go back and protect Sarah.

The mission is to protect Sarah and stop Genisys before it comes online, but the world Kyle is set back to isn’t the same as The Guardian (Schwarzenegger) has been protecting and training Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) for years and another Terminator the T-1000 (Lee) has been waiting for Kyle to return.

Now Sarah, Kyle and Pops nickname for the good Terminator have to work together to stop Sky-Net and their plan before Judgement Day happens. After Sarah and Kyle move forward in time they meet John Connor but he isn’t everything they remember but undercover for Sky-Net.

Terminator Genisys is a film I really can’t find a way to criticise what I saw, I liked how the film took the same ideas that the first two created and increased the threat level behind the events. The main four characters Terminator, Sarah, John and Kyle just being the only ones involved in the main story helps because lets face it Terminator 3 and 4 spent too much time trying to create a new terminator but this time the terminator becomes personal. You can always be a fan of a franchise that builds upon the previous film and this fills in everything that was created after Judgement Day. (7/10)

Actor Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Guardian has been sent back to protect Sarah from a younger age then in previous films, he has trained her to deal with all the different terminators as they wait for the moment which is meant to be for her. Arnold gets to have a lot of fun with this role makes him feel like the old Arnold is back. (7/10)pps

Jason Clarke: John Connor is the leader of the resistance who sends Kyle back to protect his mother. He makes a surprise appearance in the life after Sarah and Kyle go forward in time but is everything as it seems. Jason makes for a great villain even if he starts of as the hero. (7/10)john

Emilia Clarke: Sarah Connor is a lot more prepared for the terminators in 1984, she has spent a lifetime fighting them along with her Guardian. She knows where her future is going but still has the desire to live her own life. Emilia comes into the franchise and does a good job in the iconic role. (7/10)sarah

Jai Courtney: Kyle Reese is one of John’s most loyal soldiers in the battle against Sky-Net, he volunteers to go back in time to protect Sarah but what he finds is a different future to what he had been expecting. He get caught up in the middle of a battle he was only looking to be part of the beginning of. Jai does well because we have seen weaker performance in the past but this could be the start of something good for him. (7/10)kyle

Support Cast: Terminator Genisys has a supporting cast that includes the generic authority figures and a comic relief J.K. Simmons.

Director Review: Alan TaylorAlan stays true to the originals to make a good addition to the series. (7/10)

Action: Terminator Genisys has plenty of action sequences mostly CGI heavy though. (7/10)

Sci-Fi: Terminator Genisys checks off nearly all of the sci-fi check boxes to make it one of the better sci-fi action films of the year. (7/10)

Thriller: Terminator Genisys keeps us guessing until the very end. (7/10)

Settings: Terminator Genisys uses the generic locations throughout. (6/10)
Special Effects: Terminator Genisys has a mix of great and bad CGI effects that really can make things good or bad as certain parts look great but the bad let the film down. (5/10)

Suggestion: Terminator Genisys is one for the popcorn fans to enjoy, I think the die hard fans will be disappointed. (Popcorn Fans Watch)

Best Part: Arnold dead pan comedy.

Worst Part: Bad CGI.

Action Scene Of The Film: Final fight.

Funniest Scene: Line up.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Most likely

Post Credits Scene: Yes

Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $318 Million

Budget: $155 Million

Runtime: 2 Hour 6 Minutes

Tagline: The rules have been reset.

Trivia: Jason Clarke is the sixth actor to play John Connor in the many portrayals of the character. This has lead to people referring to him as the “Rusty Griswold” of the Terminator series as five different actors have portrayed that role in the many films.

Overall: Fun popcorn film that will entertain throughout.

Rating 70

Dracula 2000 (2000)

logoDirector: Patrick Lussier

Writer: Joel Soisson (Screenplay) Joel Soisson, Patrick Lussier (Story)

Starring: Gerard Butler, Christopher Plummer, Jonny Lee Miller, Justine Waddell, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Esposito, Omar Epps, Sean Patrick Thomas, Danny Masterson, Lochlyn Munro


Plot: In the millennium version of this classic Gothic horror we find Abraham Van Helsing (Plummer), who has tangled with Count Dracula (Butler) in the past, working as an English antiques dealer. Simon (Miller) is a vampire hunter in training under his apprenticeship. Van Helsing and Simon travel from London to New Orleans to rescue Van Helsing’s daughter Mary (Waddell) from the family’s life long nemesis.


Verdict: What Happened?


Story: Dracula is the first name everyone should know in Vampires and this takes the entire gothic feel from the book and early films and turns it into a bad version of Blade. We have a heist to steal from Van Helsing and it turns out they steal Dracula, then release him and become his vampire fighters. Dracula tries to find Van Helsing daughter who he is connected to somehow. The truth is this is just a poor vampire story using the heavyweight name, if you wanted good vampire entertainment you would be better just watching Buffy when it came out. (4/10)


Actor Reviews


Gerard Butler: Dracula released from his eternal prison and goes going for the daughter of the man that captured him. This was Gerard’s first attempt to make it in America and he does a good job with what little he is given, being the only screen presences throughout the film. (7/10)


Christopher Plummer: Abraham Van Helsing the antiques dealer who also collects artefacts for his own collection to use in the fight against vampires. Plummer is a great actor but this was one he didn’t need to turn up for. (4/10)


Jonny Lee Miller: Simon Sheppard one of Van Helsing’s employees who then suddenly becomes a fighter in the war against vampires. Poor performance in a role he never decides what accent he wants to have and look terrible in the fights. (3/10)


Justine Waddell: Mary Heller-Van Helsing the average girl who doesn’t know what he father does but has twisted dreams with a mysterious figure in. Looks out of place in this film and never creates anything to make us root for her. (3/10)


Director Review: Patrick Lussier – Ruins an iconic name in horror, makes a dull horror. (2/10)


Horror: Not scary what so ever. (3/10)

Thriller: Doesn’t keep you near the edge of the seat, loses attention of audience easily. (3/10)

Settings: Takes the gothic location and puts them in New Orleans, making no sense. (3/10)
Special Effects
: Badly dated special effects that never convince. (4/10)

Suggestion: Just don’t bother wasting the time. (Avoid)


Best Part: It shows that Butler was always meant to be a star however bad a film is.

Worst Part: Everything.

Kill Of The Film: Solina

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has two sequels.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $47,053,625

Budget: $54 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

Tagline: The Most Seductive Evil of All Time Has Now Been Unleashed In Ours


Overall: Terrible Use of Franchise Name

Rating 20

White Noise : The Light (2007)

logoDirector: Patrick Lussier

Writer: Matt Venne (Screenplay)

Starring: Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackhoff, Craig Fairbrass, Adrian Holmes, Kendall Cross, Teryl Rothery, William MacDonald


Plot: When Abe Dale’s (Fillion) family is murdered right in front of his eyes he starts to question his life. Abe tries to kill himself and see the white light but is bought back to life. He returns with a new gift, the ability to see when someone’s number is up. He decides to use this new gift to start trying to save people’s lives but it comes at a cost.


The light Abe sees around people

The light Abe sees around people

Verdict: Horror thriller that ups the level from the original

Story: This builds on the basic EVP ideas in the first film by taking what we see that character struggle to learn and give it instantly to our new hero. It keeps the idea of our hero suffering from a tragedy in their life. It also keeps the warning of not to mess with the supernatural as the consequences will be worse. (8/10)


Actor Review: Nathan Fillion – Abe who gains and uses the gift to see when people are about to die. Nathan packs up his loveable friendly character we are all very used to seeing and gives us a darker character who struggles with tough decisions in his life after what happens. (8/10)


Actor Review: Katee Sackhoff – Sherry a nurse whose life that Abe saves and has also had a loss of a loved one. Good supporting role help Abe show more emotion but in the end doesn’t get enough screen time to be as important to Abe as she should be. (7/10)


Director Review: Patrick Lussier – Creates some good jump scares which add to the story some we see coming some we don’t. (8/10)


Horror: Good horror uses more ghosts and jumps to give the audience something to be scared about. (8/10)

The ghosts haunting Abe

The ghosts haunting Abe

Thriller: More thrilling that the first and each build up is to what will happen all come off very well. (7/10)

Special Effects: Some good special effects, usually ghosts jumping out of nowhere to good effect. (8/10)

Believability: A bit more farfetched than the original by not just tapping into communicating with the dead it is more about controlling who might die. (3/10)

Chances of Tears: Some people may but it is unlikely. (2/10)

Settings: Like the original this one tries to keep all its events to an everyday setting which leads to a form of realism to the events what occur to the characters and add to the idea people could die with something as simple as the next step. (8/10)


Suggestion: I would suggest this film to the horror audience out there but gore fans need look somewhere else. The use of more jumps and ghosts may also take away the more casual non-horror fans out the picture. Sci-Fi favourites Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff should both add more viewers though. (Try It)


Best Part: The idea Abe could save people.

Worst Part: That saving people causes more damage.

Favourite Quote: Henry Caine ‘And on the third day.. Christ rose again… but what about the devil?’

Trivia: Abe and Sherry go to a bar called O’Malley’s which is the same name is as the one used in Nathan Fillion’s sitcom Two Guys and a Girl.

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: Hasn’t had one yet, could be a good franchise but need another idea with this being a different story than the original.

Similar Too: White Noise


Overall: Great follow up adds more to the story and gives the film a better horror atmosphere.


Rating 81

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

posterDirector: Patrick Lussier

Writer: Todd Farmer, Zane Smith (Screenplay)

John Beaird (1981 Screenplay)

Stephen A. Miller (1981 Story)


Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Betsy Rue, Edi Gathegi, Tom Atkins, Kevin Tighe.

Story: When Tom (Ackles From TVs Supernatural) returns to his home town tens years after a Valentine’s day massacre which claimed the lives of 22 people he finds himself in role of suspect. When people around town start to get killed by someone in a miners outfit similar to the original murderer tensions rise secrets revealed and a guessing game on who is now committing the crimes starts.


Horror: When you see the term horror remake you usually start to think the worse (see Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th). This one comes off very well as the slasher horror genre had been struggling with the new found footage generation or torture porn fans take over the market. For a classic who is in the mask film this is a good watch for all horror fans. (8/10)

Special Effects: Some very good special effects using the 3D technology. Some of the kills are nicely done using some very good effects most notable one victim eats a shovel. (9/10)

Costume: An imposing villain wearing a miner’s outfit intimidating most of his victims (8/10)

Settings: Set in a small mining town adds a nice touch to a real story potential having come from it (8/10)

Suggestion: I would suggest this to all horror fans but it may not be the best for non-horror fans. (7/10)

Best Part: The opening killing spree is very good along with the reveal on who the miner is

Worst Part: Lack of development of characters who seem to get five minutes and killed off

Star Performance: Kerr Smith

Favourite Character: Tom

Least Favourite Character: Megan

Trivia: The first R-rated film projected in Real D technology

Similar Too: Halloween, Friday 13th

Overall: When it comes to good slashers this is one of them well worth a watch. It is good to see one of the Supernatural boys stepping out the show and making a role where he doesn’t know all about what going on. Some nice kills, good younger cast who make the situation believable.

Rating 78%