Top 5 Michael Kelly Roles

Michael Kelly has 53 credits to his name on IMDB, these have started with small roles and slowly grown over the years into make Michael a very credible supporting member of any cast. Today I will look at my favourite performance of his growing career.

5. Agent Fuller – Now You See Me (2013)


One of the supporting Agents trying to stop the magicians and their crimes.

4. Bray – Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Bray is one man who knows what Clyde is really capable of, his character offers Nick a chance to see what he is up against and provides a information filling role.

3. Mark Snow – Person of Interest (TV)


Mark Snow is an FBI agent trying to track down John, but he doesn’t count on meeting his old partner who uses him to do her deeds.

2. CJ – Dawn Of The Dead (2004)


CJ is the head of security at the mall, he treats the survivors like prisoners, before losing control and becoming part of the team and making a sacrifice to save the others.

1. Charlie Traynor – Adjustment Bureau (2011)


Charlie is the campaign manager for David Norris (Matt Damon), he believes he is controlling the fate of him but it really is up to the people in the hats who control every meeting and moment of David’s life. Charlie shows to be a brilliant spin doctor and friend to David.

Now You See Me (2013)

logoDirector: Louis Leterrier

Writer: Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin, Edward Ricourt (Screenplay) Boaz Yakin, Edward Ricourt (Story)

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Melanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Michael Kelly

Story: After four magicians J, Daniels Atlas (Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Harrelson) Henley Reeves (Fisher) and Jack Wilder (Franco) team up for a spectacular show they leave the audience with more than they bargained for. They pull of a bank heist leaving all the money for the audience. Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) of the F.B.I has to team up with Interpol agent Alma Dray (Laurent) to solve how the magicians did the trick. They recruit Thaddeus Bradley (Freeman) a magician exposes to help them uncover the truth, but is they more than meets the eye.


The Magician known as the Four Horsemen

The Magician known as the Four Horsemen

Verdict: Any film with Magicians in it can either be great or awful and over the past decade we have been lucky to see two of the best in ‘The Prestige’ and ‘The Illusionist’. Now You See Me can now be put towards that level granted it may not be as good it has a different path to follow. Using modern magic techniques, showing some of the extremes people will go for the show. Having a criminal aspect to the characters takes the film in another direction which keeps you guessing about their motives. Each one of the characters offers a different style of magic giving them all skills which are key to the tricks being performed. While the F.B.I agent struggles to keep up with the magician’s next steps as well as being misled by different characters motives, this will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Thriller: The illusions keep you guessing on the final outcome of the film all the way through. (9/10)

Special Effects: Some good special effects, but all explained as part of the illusions. (8/10)

Settings: Performing a bank robbery on stage shows how great an illusion can be created in an alternative setting (9/10)

Suggestion: As a big fan of a thriller I would always suggest something different to something I have seen before and this offers some different. The story unfolds is easy enough to follow and you will be guessing what is happening which is always good thing in a thriller. It may have gone slightly under the radar this summer but this film could hold up to the Blockbuster that hit the cinemas well worth a watch. (9/10)

Star Performance: Mark Ruffalo – great as the FBI agent trying to track down the magicians FBI agent

Favourite Character: Merritt – I will always pick a slightly over the top woody Harrelson has my favourite character and this time he continues to keep you entertained. 


Best Part: the on running joke after someone has said ‘Bullshit’

Favourite Quote: J. Daniels Atlas ‘First rule of magic, always be the smartest person in the room’.

Similar Too: Prestige, Illusionist, Inside Man


Overall: A slick magic thriller which keeps you guessing all the way to the end.

Rating 86%

Chronicle (2012)

When lonely Andrew (Dane DeHaan) starts to record his life on film it becomes creepy, but when his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and his friend Steve (Michael B. Jordan) invite him and his camera to investigate an unusual sound coming from a sink hole something happens.

The three of them discover they can control things with their minds, what seems like a serious of simple mind tricks turns into more as they all become more powerful. They start to fly and controlling their environment.

After what seems like a few pranks the trip home takes a turn for the worse as Andrew throws a car off the road. After this they try to make some rules so their powers can’t harm people.

Having this powers at a controlled level Andrew popularity rises but when a his alcoholic father Richard (Michael Kelly) throws him the truth about being used he gets pushed over the edge. The dark side of this power comes out and what follows is a battle between the good and bad of the gained powers.

This original take on a film using the idea of found footage but more live filming of the events as they happen takes this genre to the next level. Having an absolutely breath taking final sequence that makes the end of the Avengers look mediocre this is a most watch. This is bar far the best film i have seen this year the three main characters are developed to show how a little power can change people for better and worse.

The overall real effect through out this film using more than one person camera to tell the story we also use character called Casey (Ashley Hinshaw) who blogs her day through her camera to show side parts not including Andrew. This also proves you don’t need big name stars in a film to make it one of the best. The only negative i found was it was a bit short but I think if it was longer it would have taken away some of the impact of what had been created.

My overall Rating is a massive 98%

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Director: George Nolfi
Writer: George Nolfi, short story from Philip K. Dick
Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Michael Kelly, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Terence Stamp

Story David Norris (Matt Damon) is running for congress when a story gets released cause his ratings to slide. It is now upon Harry (Anthony Mackie) to fix this to make sure David wins and follows his destine path. David goes on to win and thanks to a chance meeting with Elise (Emily Blunt) gives one of the best speeches people have heard boosting his chances of running for senate.

The next morning Harry misses the chance he has to stop David getting on a bus to work, on this bus he meet Elise again cause his destiny to be changed. After getting her phone number he arrives at work only to discover that Charlie (Michael Kelly) his campaign manager and his office had been frozen by Richardson (John Slattery) and his team for adjustments. After seeing behind the curtain Richardson burns the number putting David back on his path, warning David not to find Elise and not tell anyone about the people making peoples lives happen.

David is left trying to keep his destine line while always trying to find Elise can he beat the adjustment team watch and you will see.

Verdict The headline review was ‘Bourne meets Inception’ and in a way it is having a way of controlling someones life by make chances things happen. the action chases are well constructed without even having to use guns. David love for Elise is strong with all the obstacles and sacrifices he makes for the idea of a better futures. This is a strong action thriller that everyone should enjoy but you would have to watch from start to finish and will struggle if picked up half way through.

Best quote Elise ‘ I’m not some hopeless romantic, I would never allow myself to be that way, but once I’ve fell, even for a moment, what I felt with you’

Favourite character Harry David personal watcher who explains the rules and breaks some too

Stand out performance Matt Damon he gives his normal strong performance as an important figure who takes risks

Best moment The door chase

Worst Moment Maybe being picky but maybe more explanation of the year gaps

My rating 88%