American Assassin (2017)

Director: Michael Cuesta

Writer: Stephen Schiff, Michael Finch, Edward Zwick, Marshal Herskovitz (Screenplay) Vince Flynn (Novel)

Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, Scott Adkins, Shiva Negar, Taylor Kitsch


Plot: A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

Tagline – Assassins aren’t born. They’re made.

Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Hard Hitting Action Blast


Story: American Assassin starts as normal American Mitch Rapp (O’Brien) sees his fiancée gunned down by terrorists and himself left for dead, 18 months later he has trained himself to eliminate the men responsible but little does he know that CIA agent Irene Kennedy (Lathan) has been watching his action.

When Kennedy arranges to save Mitch from a certain death, she recruits him for a special section of the CIA working under Stan Hurley (Keaton) who trains agents to go undercover but if caught or killed no one will come for them.

The first mission is to locate nuclear weapon components before former agent Ghost (Kitsch) can use or sell them giving somebody in the world a nuclear bomb that can wipe out millions.


Thoughts on American Assassin


Characters – Mitch Rapp is an American that loses everything at the hands of terrorists, he learns combat and language skills to go undercover in the terrorist cell for revenge, he gets recruited by the CIA where he must learn discipline but this is where he struggles because he always wants to go after the criminal. This character does feel like a young Jack Bauer because of his rule breaking attitude for the right reasons. Stan Hurley is the off the grid trainer who takes Mitch as part of his unit, he gets tired of the Mitch’s lack of discipline but knows he needs him to capture his former student. Irene Kennedy is the deputy director of the CIA, she sees the potential in Mitch forcing Hurley to take him on, but also falls into the standard CIA director figure that will risk their reputation to prove others wrong. Ghost is the former trainee of Hurley that is using all the skills gained to stay one step ahead of him while collecting the nuclear components.

PerformancesDylan O’Brien is an actor that got into the young adult films but this role showed an adult character, showing he could go onto action films without looking like the complete actions star. Michael Keaton looks like he did enjoy the mentoring role while also getting the action role he isn’t known for. Sanaa Lathan is good in her role even if the character is very generic. Taylor Kitsch does seem to be on the recovering his career tour showing everyone just how talented he is in the villainous role.

StoryThe story does play out like an origin story for Mitch Rapp in the CIA, we see what motivated him to accept the offer, we see what makes him different from other potential agents. We have the standard level of threat, potential nuclear weapon and a story of needing to learn discipline to become a top agent while keeping his unique traits. This is an easy to watch but could easily be an over the top pilot for a television show.

Action/ThrillerThe action starts out brutal with the terrorist attack, we also fall into the car chases, fights and shoot outs which are fun to watch, the final action sequences is just popcorn wow.

SettingsThe settings take us on a tour of Europe which is fine and is giving us an iconic location moment, which is easy to locate for us.

Special EffectsThe effects in the opening sequence are brutal but then it just becomes by the book stuff.

Scene of the Movie –
Speed Boat fight.

That Moment That Annoyed Me While it started with violent level, it did turn into Jack Bauer origin feeling.

Chances of Sequel: Easily could have one.

Post Credits Scene: No

Final ThoughtsThis is an action film that is fun but not one of the greatest of the year.


Overall: Fun action packed blast.




Hitman Agent 47 (2015)

logoDirector: Aleksander Bach

Writer: Skip Woods, Michael Finch (Screenplay) Skip Woods (Story)

Starring: Rupert Friend, Thomas Kretschmann, Zachary Quinto

Plot: An assassin teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Bog Standard Action

Story: Hitman: Agent 47 starts with the idea that Dr Delriego (Kanies) has been searching for the answer of improving a human into a deadly hitman, the key is in a mysterious woman no one can find. Agent 47 (Friend) is also after this woman but now knows what he is really looking for.

The girl in question is Katia (Ware) who has been identified as a person of interest with John Smith (Quinto) following her. Agent 47 latest target is Katia and John Smith is the only person who can keep her alive as she aims to learn secrets about her father. Not everything is as it seems as Agent 47 has a previous connection with Katia and it is Le Clerq (Kretschmann) who is after her father.

Hitman: Agent 47 brings us back into the video game world only this time it is a reboot of the first Hitman which I might add I really liked. This well this was just basic action hitman has plan to complete latest job which will involve saving a girl, fighting an enemy strong than him, wait this is just Terminator isn’t it? I am going to be brutal on this film and the first 50 minutes we are lead to believe that Agent 47 is the bad guy, the film is about him why waste all the time lying to us when we all and I mean all know he is the hero of the film? This really disappoints me especially after the original was one of the better video game films.

Actor Review

Rupert Friend: Agent 47 is the deadly assassin whose latest mission brings him up against his employees while trying to save a young woman who is also trained but has a connection to his past. Rupert tries to fit into the assassin’s shows but simply doesn’t end up living up to original levels Timothy achieved.agent 47

Thomas Kretschmann: Le Clerq is the man looking for Katia’s father he is the man who wants Katia’s father and sends John out to find him, he never leaves his office but always get what he wants. Thomas is hardly in the film and is easily meant to be the villain but you never really believe him.

Zachary Quinto: John Smith is an ungraded assassin who starts off as a friend to Katia only to have his own motive for what he does as he is working for the people looking for her father. He is stronger than Agent 47 making him a worthy enemy to the hitman. Zachary brings out his Sylar again for this role where he is an unkillable machine.

Hannah Ware: Katia is a woman looking for her father, she is about to go on the run before all these assassins start coming after her. She does have abilities in combat making her alliance even more important to whoever has her by their side. Hannah does a basic job but never gets going in this role.

Support Cast: Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t have the biggest supporting cast and the ones we see just someone for Agent 47 to fight.

Director Review: Aleksander Bach Aleksander doesn’t bring us the best video game that really doesn’t get started.

Action: Hitman: Agent 47 has very basic action that is all quick cut fight scenes to show how good both Agent 47 and John Smith really are in combat.

Crime: Hitman: Agent 47 has the hitman chasing angle but doesn’t really end up going to in depth with the criminal side of the story.

Thriller: Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t keep you guessing because the first half is a giant dummy we see before we see what we know is meant to be happening.

Settings: Hitman: Agent 47 uses the setting you would expect from a film with this subject matter, nothing to fancy until the final over sized office.
Special Effects: Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t let the effects come through with everything looking CGI.

Suggestion: Hitman: Agent 47 is one to skip this year, it doesn’t have enough to make it a worth while action film. (Skip)

Best Part: I’m not dead John Smith.

Worst Part: First half of the film is pointless.

Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: It leaves it open to one.

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $35 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

Overall: A disappointing action film that offers up nothing original through the story.

Ratings card


Predators (2010)

logoDirector: Nimrod Antal

Writer: Alex Litvak, Michael Finch (Screenplay) Jim Thomas, John Thomas (Characters)

Starring: Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Mahershala Ali


Plot: The mercenary Royce (Brody), the military Isabelle (Braga), Russian solider Nikolai (Taktarov), Sierra Leone militia Mombasa (Ali), drug lord Cuchillo (Trejo), Yakuza Hanzo (Changchien) and Doctor Edwin (Grace) awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. Soon they discover that they are on another planet and they are prey of aliens in a deadly hunting game, and they need to join forces to destroy their predators and survive.


Verdict: Predator Upgraded


Story: We knew and loved the first Predator we got a military unit trapped being hunted by a mysterious creature, then we got it all in a city losing something that made the first great. This brings back what made the first one great pitting a group of trained killers together to take on a group of Predators. We get to see a few different fighting/combat cultures as they square off against the Predators, we learn of the horrors they have committed to create reputation worth taking to put against the Predators. The negative is the twist to one of the characters which comes off well but also strange as to why they were selected. In the end it turns into a good film that is enjoyable. (8/10)


Actor Reviews


Adrien Brody: Royce the out for himself soldier who will risk anybody’s life to find out what he is up against. He is designed to be unlikable and very anti-hero. Good performance from Brody who shows he can play the good guy with a bad personality well. (8/10)


Topher Grace: Edwin a doctor who for some reason has been sent to join these warriors of their own region, he gives away hints that he may not be who he said throughout. Good performance keeping his wimpy persona he would be known for in an action world. (7/10)


Alice Braga: Isabelle the good one when it comes to her human nature she only wants to kill to protect and doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. Good performance in the opposite to our hero. (7/10)


Walton Goggins: Stans a man from death row who looks like he would be easy to kill but he has a lot of fight in him. Good supporting role to create the most unlikable character. (6/10)


Oleg Taktarov: Nikolai a big Russian who works well with the team and is very loyal to the people who protect him from danger. Good supporting showing that even the meanest guy can have a good side.(6/10)


Laurence Fishburne: Noland a survivor from previous hunting session on the planet, offers the information to survive but is very twisted in the head. Good small role to create the information but doesn’t stick around longer enough to show how much he has descended into madness. (6/10)


Director Review: Nimrod Antal – Strong direction to create an enjoyable film with plenty of action and honouring the original well. (8/10)


Action: Good fight scenes throughout finishing off with one that will be able to compete with Arnie’s. (9/10)

Sci-Fi: An alien species hunting humans on another planet we never knew existed, need I say more? (10/10)

Thriller: Doesn’t have the full suspense of its predecessor but still keeps you wanting to know more. (7/10)

Settings: Great setting being on a different planet meaning anything could be in the environment. (10/10)
Special Effects
: Solid special effects throughout. (8/10)

Suggestion: This is one for the fans, if you liked the original Predator this will be right up your ally. Non-fans may get into this as it has more action but less suspense. (Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: Brings the glory back to the series after the dreadful versus Aliens films.

Worst Part: Very generic supporting characters.

Action Scene Of The Film: The final fight

Kill Of The Film: Hanzo

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: It is left pretty open, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $127,233,108

Budget: $40 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

Tagline: This summer, fear is reborn.


Overall: Welcome Return of the Franchise

Rating 80