The Social Network (2010)

socialDirector: David Fincher

Writer: Aaron Sorkin (Screenplay) Ben Mezrich (Book)

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Max Minghella, Josh Pence, Rashida Jones, Rooney Mara


Plot: Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, but is later sued by two brothers who claimed he stole their idea, and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.



There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Overrated and Hard Work


Story: The Social Network starts as we meet Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) on a date with Erica Albright (Mara) showing how socially awkward he can be during his time Harvard. Upset about the break up Mark with his friend Eduardo Saverin (Garfield) Dustin Moskovitz (Mazzello) and Chris Hughes (Mapel) create a comparing girls photos on a website that spread through Harvard instantly bringing down the servers.

This night’s events cause Zuckerberg on front of a disciplinary panel as well as showing us the ongoing court case going on against Zuckerberg. His stunt has grab the attention of the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler (Hammer playing both) who want Zuckerberg to help them with their big idea.

The story continues to show Mark works with Winklevoss twins only to use their idea to build his own site The Facebook. When the site takes off it grabs the attention of founder of Napster Sean Parker (Timberlake) who wants to take the site from Millions to Trillions. This is the story of how Facebook ends up becoming one of the biggest things the world has ever seen.


Thoughts on The Social Network


StoryThe story shows us how Facebook was built by making enemies with the people who helped start it going by borrowing ideas to make it the biggest sites in the world. We get plenty of business talk, tech talk and lawyer scenes which mix up the story for us making it difficult to understand everything that goes on because most of the story is very American, so if you don’t understand the terms you will find yourself lost in the mix. I feel this will always be a complex story that will be remember but is told very slow and confusingly.

Biography/DramaShowing the actions of the real-life people involved Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, the Winklevoss twins and Sean Porter show how they were all effected by what happened with the creation of Facebook which is all good as we see how these people were meant to be acting towards making this happen. There is nothing bad to say about this side of the story watching the genre.

Characters/PerformanceThe performances are nearly all flawless as we see just how these people are portrayed, we see how Zuckerberg comes off very brash arrogant and rude towards the people who help him. When you see the cast being involved you can see how the stars have started and come onto the next big things.

SettingsEach setting makes us see just how much a party incident this started as which would be where the idea started but the most important side of this is showing how it started with dorm room before turning into the business venture in a tower.

Final Thoughts Overall this is a very interesting look at how Facebook started even if the story can be hard to follow. We get heavyweight performances from all but the early stages of the film come off slow but the final acts of the film are the real highlights of the film.


Overall: Great performance, important story but at times tells a story we don’t need to know.





Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Horns (2013)

logoDirector: Alexandre Aja

Writer: Keith Bunin (Screenplay) Joe Hill (Novel)

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Juno Temple, Kelli Garner, James Remar, Kathleen Quinlan, Heather Graham, David Morse


Plot: In the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his temples.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Unique Thriller


Story: Horns starts with narration from Ig (Radcliffe) who sees himself as an outsider in his town, but that doesn’t bother him because he is in love with his girlfriend Merrin (Temple). Merrin gets murdered and the whole town believes Ig killed her. Ig has his only friend Lee Tourneau (Minghella) who is trying to prove his innocence while Ig’s family doesn’t know what to believe. Ig wants to know the truth but only seeks help in the bottom of a bottle booze while becoming very destruction.

With the stress of what is happening continuing Ig starts to grow horns becoming the literal image of the devil which the town has painted him as. Ig tries to find answers that only make his day more confusing as everyone he meets seems to give away their deepest and darkest secrets. We get a flashback of the blossoming romance between Ig and Merrin from childhood sweethearts into where they were before her murder.

Ig goes out using his new ability to look for the answers to Merrin’s murder which leads to him cause chaos through the town. As the story continues we learn what really happened on the final night between Ig and Merrin with them breaking up and we see who the murderer really is.

Horns is one of the few films I have gone into not knowing too much about, so I was prepared for pretty much anything. Learning just before I put the disc in who actually wrote the story did manage to make me a lot more interested Joe Hill son of Stephen King. What we ended up getting was a surprisingly interesting thriller that sways the direction you would expect a King story to go, just when you thought you knew what happening everything was got swept away right in front of you. I would like to point out that I did feel the film lack a depth is potential suspects though. I liked how the story manages to mix the flashbacks into the story to show enough to get us to the next stage of the investigation without giving away all the answers too. I think this was one of the film that really seemed to go under the radar when it was released and is certainly a film to see. (8/10)


Actor Review


Daniel Radcliffe: Ig Perrish is the man who is accused of murdering his girlfriend and becomes the literally image of the devil, ig must try and figure out who really killed her and along the way he learns that his perfect world was nothing like he imagined. Daniel is still trying to shake the Harry Potter name that will be attached to him for his whole career, but he does a good job making himself a good character in this thriller. (8/10)


Max Minghella: Lee Tourneau is Ig’s loyal friend and lawyer who is the only one that will defend Ig from the guilty verdict everyone is expecting him to get. Max is going to end up being given the same marks as most of the supporting cast because his character never gets fully developed to the level which is required. (6/10)


Joe Anderson: Terry Perrish is Ig’s brother who spends his life on drugs and playing music, he does look after Ig but his knows more than he lets on about the murder. Joe, much like Max doesn’t get enough time to develop. (6/10)


Juno Temple: Merrin Williams the victim in this story, we get to see how when she started to want something more things become deadly as we have to figure out who killed her. Juno continues to show she can be a good lead supporting character. (7/10)


Support Cast: Horns has a supporting cast that in mainly the people who are accusing Ig of the crime they all paint the town to be very generic and easily misled.


Director Review: Alexandre Aja – Alexandre wakes a step back from his usual horror films that are usually gore filled to give us this very well made film. (8/10)


Fantasy: Horns enters us into the world where turning into the devil could make people do and say anything. (8/10)

Thriller: Horns does really keep you wondering what really happened and who did kill Merrin. (8/10)

Settings: Horns gives us a real small town setting making us feel like the close community would believe what they are being told. (8/10)
Special Effects
: Horns has great special effects for the transformation Ig goes through mixing the practical with the CGI nicely. (8/10)

Suggestion: Horns is one to give a try, I think it shows how a good romantic mystery thriller could go, but I am sure there will be the doubters out there. (Try It)


Best Part: Radcliffe shows how he has left Harry Potter behind.

Worst Part: I felt like it was clear who the killer was early on.

Favourite Quote: Merrin ‘Just love me till the end of my life’.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $3.3 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours

Tagline: Love hurts like hell


Overall: Horns is a beautifully shot romantic mystery thriller that has a secret around every corner.


The Darkest Hour (2011)

logoDirector: Chris Gorak

Writer:  Jon Spaihts (Screenplay) Leslie Bohem, M.T. Ahern, Jon Spaihts (Story)

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella, Rachael Taylor, Joel Kinnaman, Veronika Vernadskaya


Plot: In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Invisible Aliens Attack Again.


Story: The Darkest Hour starts by introducing us to our American’s Sean (Hirsch) and Ben (Minghella) as they head to Moscow for a business trip as they are looking to expand their App. The boys find their idea stolen by Skyler (Kinnaman) so to blow off some steam they head to an elite club. The boys meet fellow American Natalie (Thirlby) and her friend Aussie Anne (Taylor) who enjoy the night out together. The night takes a turn when all the power is lost and these mysterious light clouds descend from the sky dissolving anything they get in contact with. Chaos takes over the streets of Moscow and the four friends find themselves hiding for their lives against an invisible enemy.

Morning comes and the four friends and Skyler seem to be the only survivors of the initial attack and set out to find any other survivors and help. The streets of Moscow are totally abandoned, cars left all over the place and of course the safest way to search the city is in pure daylight where the creatures could find them, you know those invisible ones that they can’t see. When the group finally figure out it will be smarter to travel at night they build a warning device to let them know when the creatures are getting close to them. The group have to find answers and survive in a city where they don’t know the language against an enemy they can’t fight.

The Darkest Hour takes the alien genre and mixes it with a slasher, we get the idea that our main group don’t know where they are either which adds to the horror side of the story. We get to see plenty of terrible decisions being made as always for the genre before we get to meet the traditional generic characters that end up offering nothing new to the genre. On the positive I did like how the aliens did their kills because they are brutal and truly frightening. This ends up being very glossy and could easily be forgotten after seeing what has happened because you don’t really care about the characters. It was nice not seeing purely military trying to stop the aliens and we only see the group trying to survive rather than full fighting. (5/10)


Actor Review


Emile Hirsch: Sean is the slacker of the two guy friends who can put on a good face to sell anything, he takes up the leader role for the group making all the brave decision for the group. Emilie continues to slip away after his impressive outing in Into the Wild. (5/10)


Olivia Thirlby: Natalie is our America tourist who happens to find the guys through their App and along with her friend bump into the guys on a party night. She has to group up with after the attack staying loyal to her friend. Olivia tries her hand in this genre but never really stands out. (5/10)


Max Minghella: Ben is the smart worrying friend who always sees life going one direction and the whole trip things take him outside his comfort zone. Max looks like he should be the main character which is what is surprising what happens to his character. (5/10)


Rachael Taylor: Anne is the Australian friend of Natalie’s who joins in the survival attempts. Racheal is pretty much just a victim in the race for survival and never really gets much time to do anything. (4/10)


Support Cast: The Darkest Hour has supporting cast that is very generic we get the asshole that is with them, we get the crazy local who knows what is going on and we also see the warrior wannabes. They help our characters get to the next chapter of their adventure.


Director Review: Chris Gorak – Chris does a solid job but never takes the film to the next level of originality. (5/10)


Action: The Darkest Hour is filled with chasing and basic weaponry fighting against the aliens but nothing stand out. (5/10)

Horror: The Darkest Hour does actually put us in a horror environment stuck with no way of getting home, lost in a country where they don’t know the language and the brutal alien kills. (8/10)

Sci-Fi: The Darkest Hour uses the alien invasion angle we have seen plenty of times before. (7/10)

Thriller: The Darkest Hour does make you want to know what will happen and how they will escape but you don’t really care which one will die next. (7/10)

Settings: The Darkest Hour uses the Moscow setting with Americans not knowing their way around the city. (8/10)
Special Effects
: The Darkest Hour uses good effects with the alien kills even if the final reveal of the aliens is slightly CGI heavy. (7/10)

Suggestion: The Darkest Hour is one for the sci-fi fans to try, it can be enjoyed by all but don’t expect too much. (Try It)


Best Part: Alien kills.

Worst Part: Generic supporting characters.


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Vanishing on 7th Street.


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $64.5 Million

Budget: $30 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

Tagline: Survive The Holidays

Trivia: Production was suspended for a planned two weeks due to the extraordinary air pollution caused by heavy smoke from the wild fires surrounding Moscow in August 2010. It eventually resumed three weeks later. Even with this precaution, smoke still made it into a lot of shots and had to be digitally removed in post production.


Overall: Darkest Hour is very generic but enjoyable sci-fi horror.

Rating 65

The Internship (2013)

logoDirector: Shawn Levy

Writer: Vince Vaughn, Jared Stern (Screenplay) Vince Vaughn (Story)

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Josh Brener, Dylan O’Brien, Tiya Sircar


Plot: Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, they defy the odds by talking their way into a coveted internship at Google, along with a battalion of brilliant college students. But, gaining entrance to this utopia is only half the battle. Now they must compete with a group of the nation’s most elite, tech-savvy geniuses to prove that necessity really is the mother of re-invention.


Verdict: Solid Comedy


Story: In the new tech heavy world, this is a good story showing how that the people who never grew up with the tech world could be lost in the world of jobs when they get left behind. Not only this we get to see how a group of misfits can come together to make a team. We see how younger people still think it was ok to treat each other differently because of image or background but as soon as you put that a side people see the real potential in someone. This also encourages people to take a risk that could change their lives forever. On a negative side we get a flimsy romantic angle for Owen Wilson character that doesn’t get enough time to shine and plays out like a carbon copy of the ‘Wedding Crashers’ angle. In the end it really is a film that shows how hard it really is to find out who and what you are meant to be, but with the right people you could find out about yourself. (7/10)


Actor Review


Vince Vaughn: Billy a top salesman who along with his partner Nick lose their jobs. He also loses he girlfriend and tries to figure out where to go next in his life and career. He discovers about an internship at Google and along with his partner Nick takes a chance there. He doesn’t fit in with the other younger interns but he uses his skills to motivate his team of outcasts to compete and work as a team against the others after a job. Good performance from Vince in a role he will always work in the quick talking man. (8/10)


Owen Wilson: Nick partner of Billy who after he loses his job lands a salesman job with his brother in law but reluctantly goes along with Billy’s plan at Google. He shines in the position learning the computer skills needed and with the chance meeting with a girl of his dreams Dana he tries to impress her with his new skills. Good performance making a perfect double act with Vince. (8/10)


Rose Byrne: Dana the successful Google employee that constantly gets followed by Nick as he tries to get to know her, before she agrees to go on a date. Good performance from Rose, but the role isn’t used as much as it should have been. (6/10)


Aasif Mandvi: Mr. Chetty the head of the training program who reluctantly accepts Billy & Nick into the program. He takes an instant dislike to them and clearly sees they don’t fit in with the rest of the programs. He is strict but he wants the best for the job roles. Good performance showing a good authority figure for the competition. (7/10)


Max Minghella: Graham a cocky English intern who thinks he has the job in the bag, he treats his team badly because he thinks he is the best and always trying to put Nick & Billy’s team down. Good villain performance but also been there seen that. (6/10)


Josh Brener: Lyle the team leader for the misfit team who discovers just as much about himself working with Billy & Nick than the rest of the team. He is still trying to prove his leadership skills and after this experience he has learnt a lot. Good performance playing the typical shy guy with brains. (7/10)


Dylan O’Brien, Tiya Sircar, Tobit Raphael: Stuart, Nehe, Yo-Yo the rest of the team who all have difference but come together to work on getting their dream jobs thanks to Billy & Nick’s leadership and life skills. All three give performances fitting into their own individual problems and overcoming them. (7/10)


Director Review: Shawn Levy – Good direction to create a good comedy about how fast life has changed for different generations with the technology. (8/10)


Comedy: Good comedy that has a number of laughs but doesn’t go over the top. (7/10)

Chemistry: After Wedding Crashers I said Vince and Own had great chemistry and this has continued to show that. (9/10)

Settings: Good setting using the Google headquarters for certain scenes. (8/10)

Suggestion: I think this will be popular with the comedy fans it does come off funny and charming without being stupid comedy. (Comedy Fans)


Best Part: Wilson and Vaughn’s chemistry

Worst Part: Standard Villain character.

Funniest Scene: The first sports event.

Believability: The characters could all be real going through these problems, but the final outcome maybe not so. (8/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $93 Million

Budget: $58 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

Tagline: They just can’t click with the younger generation


Overall: Solid Comedy About Change

Rating 72