The Hurricane Heist (2018)

Director: Rob Cohen

Writer: Scott Windhauser, Jeff Dixon (Screenplay) Anthony Fingleton, Carlos Davis (Story)

Starring: Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, Ralph Ineson, Melissa Bolona, Ben Cross, Jamie Andrew Cutler


Plot: Thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its Mint facilities.

Tagline – The ultimate storm for the perfect heist.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Special Effects Mess


Story: The Hurricane Heist starts as two brothers Will and Breeze witness their father killed in a hurricane as children. Present day Will (Kebbell) work on providing the earliest possible detection for storms, Breeze (Kwanten) is an engineer for the treasury and a drunk.

When a new storm looks likely to hit, it just so happens to be when a group of bank robbers plan to rob the treasury, leaving only Casey (Grace) to fight back, with the brothers helping in their own way.


Thoughts on The Hurricane Heist


Characters – Will is the younger of the two brothers, he wants to figure out how to save lives with his science to predict storms, he reluctantly agrees to help Casey when the robbery happens and will need to face his past and over come his fears. Breeze is the older brother of the two, he has become a drunk even though he served for his country, he never left town and uses his skills to fight back against the thieves. Casey is the officer that is forced into taking on the criminals trying to take the money, determined to do the right thing after making a mistake in her past. The crooks and criminals are generic as the come, either hackers who believe they know it all, tired employees and opportunists.

PerformancesI hate having to say bad things about these actors, I feel they do the best they can, Toby Kebbell gives us one of the most generic American accents you will ever hear, Maggie Grace handling the combat is the highlight of the acting in this film if we are being honest.

StoryThe story on paper should be fun, a heist with a hurricane in the back drop, this is like Hard Rain when it comes to this concept. The problem is the film does take itself too seriously and falls into a generic heist movie mixed with a confusingly painful disaster movie, what sort of hurricane is this? The story isn’t even the biggest problem with this movie.

ActionThe action tries to be very big, but only ends up feeling laughable for the most part leaving you losing interest in the action set pieces.

SettingsThe film is set in a town in America, it seems to be generic town 101.

Special EffectsWhen people laugh at Sharknado, the film knows it has bad CGI, this movie thinks it has good effects and they are barely on the same level as Sharknado.

Scene of the Movie –
Speed bump.

That Moment That Annoyed Me CGI is awful.

Final ThoughtsThis is a movie you will need to be wasted to get any enjoyment out off, it is dull, boring and a CGI mess.


Overall: This is why we can’t have nice things.




Aftermath (2017)

Director: Elliott Lester

Writer: Javier Gullon (Screenplay)

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers, Scoot McNairy, Hannah Ware, Mariana Klaveno, Glenn Morshower


Plot: Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Emotional Gut Punch of a Thriller


Story: Aftermath starts as construction worker Roman (Schwarzenegger) is looking forward to the arrival of his wife and pregnant daughter from Kiev for Christmas. Making himself extra smart with flowers at hand he arrives at the airport to find the flight delayed but there is no good news, the plane was involved in a tragic accident killing both his wife and daughter.

On the other side of the story flight controller Jake Bonaos (McNairy) leaves his wife and son to arrive at work that very same day, on a night shift where he finds the himself distracted trying to fix a phoneline as two planes collided mid-air, the same flights that had Roman’s family on.

Both men’s lives are completely shattered, Roman broken, alone and spending days and nights at the cemetery. While Jake is branded a murderer by the public finding it impossible to function or being the husband and father he needs to be.

With the airline company waving money in Roman’s face to stop them being sued and Jake on the verge of suicide brings us to one year later where both are still living in the tragedy but both are attempting to move on.


Thoughts on Aftermath


Characters/PerformanceRoman is a hard-working construction worker, he has work long hours to make sure his family can move to live with him in America, when he loses them his life is shattered but all he wants is an apologise not the airlines money. Jake is a flight controller who makes an honest mistake that cost the lives of everyone on the flights, his life is ruined, he loses his family, his job and must change his name and start again, living the rest of his life with regret.  

Performance wise, Schwarzenegger is brilliant in this role where is he no action hero, he is an everyday man that loses everything, this is by far one of his best acting performances of his career. Scoot McNairy is also fantastic in this role showing just how capable of an actor he is.

StoryThe story is based on a real incident that followed a mid-air collision but turned into an American story for it to unfold in. This story is very powerful because you are now left to wonder just what would happen if you were in either of these men’s shoes. The story also isn’t just a revenge film it follows these two men trying to rebuild their lives after what happened and mostly just wanting a human response from somebody involved.

ThrillerFrom the moment this film starts you are left to wonder from the edge of your seat to where this film will go.

SettingsThe settings used through the film focus on making both our main characters feel like everyday people whose lives have been ruined by the events which is all you need from the film.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the best and most intense slow burning stories you will see this year. The performances are fantastic as well as being one of the most interesting stories out there.


Overall: One of the most powerful stories you will see this year.




Taken 3 (2015)

logoDirector: Olivier Megaton

Writer: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen (Screenplay) Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen (Characters)

Starring: Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace, Don Harvey, Dylan Bruno, David Warshofsky, Jon Gries, Sam Spruell, Dougary Scott


Plot: Ex-government operative Bryan Mills is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed. As he is tracked and pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Someone Took Too Much


Story: Taken 3 starts when Malankov is trying to collect money leaving a message for somebody when he finds nothing in a safe. We finally get to meet Bryan Mills (Neeson) who is still looking after his daughter Kim (Grace) who started to continue her life after the ordeals of the first two ‘Takens’. Bryan is still trying to rebuild his relationship with his wife Lenore (Janssen) whose second marriage isn’t running as smoothly as it once did. Bryan is asked to stay away from Lenore by her new husband and he accepts but after receiving a message from her he goes around only to find her dead and police waiting for him.

Bryan escapes and goes on the run looking for the person or people responsible as well as warning Kim that he will look like the guilty party. Franck (Whitaker) is the lead investigator on the murder case and shows why by picking up on a couple of clues that the other officers missed. Bryan has to use all his certain skills to prove that he is innocent and find out who is responsible while eluding the police who have set out a man hunt for him.

Taken 3 rounds of the trilogy well, it brings the fight back home (well America, not my home) and also ditches all the ties from the previous Taken’s. it does flow the same as the previous ones but decides to tone down the body count as a lot of the people Bryan is running from are actually cops.  The fact it went for the personal side once more showed it need to go that bit further which it did. The fact the twists keep coming kind of ruins it because the final twist doesn’t really make that much sense. The cops are rather stupid because even the lead Franck believes him to be innocent but won’t just say ‘hey I know you’re telling the truth lets work this out together’. In general it is a solid finish to the trilogy but just no more please. (6/10)


Actor Review


Liam Neeson: Bryan Mills our man with a particular set off skills that he likes to use who becomes suspect number one after his ex-wife is murdered. Bryan must go on a one man mission to prove his innocence and find out who is responsible. Liam does give a good performance but his age is starting to show through the film. (7/10)


Forest Whitaker: Franck Dotzler the detective who is after Mills but throughout the investigation he starts to think he could be innocent and also knows that he could be dangerous and should be treated differently to a normal suspect. Forest does give a solid performance but really isn’t too important to anything that happens. (5/10)


Maggie Grace: Kim Mills the daughter of Bryan who knows the innocence of her father and has to continue her normal day while being followed by the police. Maggie gives a solid performance and shows more young adult traits this time around. (6/10)


Support Cast: Taken 3 has a supporting cast that will at some point have Bryan Mills kick their arses but it is the true villain that is the mystery throughout.


Director Review: Olivier Megaton – Olivier does give us a good conclusion but fails to offer anything truly new to the series. (6/10)


Action: Taken 3 has plenty of action be it hand to hand combat, car chases or shoot offs. (9/10)

Thriller: Taken 3 doesn’t pull you in as much as previous encounters. (7/10)

Settings: Taken 3 bring the action back to America works well because Bryan has to play by different rules. (8/10)

Suggestion: Taken 3 is one for the fans of the series to enjoy, action fans will also enjoy but just don’t expect to get tested just enjoy. (Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: Police Escape.

Worst Part: Liquid store fight.

Lessons Learned: Simple don’t mess with Bryan Mills.

Action Scene Of The Film: Final showdown with the car and the plane


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Hopefully Not

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $92 Million (to Date)

Budget: $48 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

Trivia: Reportedly, Liam Neeson stipulated to the movie’s producers that he would only do this third instalment if “nobody gets taken”.


Overall: Solid Conclusion to the series

Rating 70

The Fog (2005)

logoDirector: Rupert Wainwright

Writer: Cooper Layne (Screenplay) John Carpenter, Debra Hill (1980 Screenplay)

Starring: Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, DeRay Davis, Kenneth Welsh, Adrian Hough, Sara Botsford, Cole Heppell, Mary Black


Plot: Antonio Island is coming up on an anniversary and in honour of the four me who found the town (Castle, Wayne, Williams and Malone). Nick Castle (Welling) works on the fishing docks but when his girlfriend Elizabeth (Grace) returns to town strange things start to happen.  A series of gruesome deaths and a presence of a mysterious fog raise alarms in the town. After Elizabeth falls in the sea, she finds a journal of one of the founders of the town. Inside the journal there is a story about a man called Blake who was betrayed by the founders of the town. Blake and his crew rise from their graves to take revenge on the descendants of the four men.

We have Stevie Wayne (Blair) on the radio warning people about the incoming fog, but her life is in danger too. The three have to team up to uncover the truth and make up for the descendants mistake.


Verdict: Remake that tries to be different

Story: Using the base story created in the original, the story tries to create more back story to the origin of the ghosts in the fog. This comes off better than the original as the characters we meet are all targets rather than just the town’s people at random. Here is where it goes wrong, it offers this and ends up killing a few random people going against what is being told that is happening. (5/10)


Actor Review: Tom Welling – Nick local man who ends up in the middle of the event. In reality really doesn’t do anything except be a driver for Elizabeth running from the fog. Poor performance that really shows he got the lead role because of his looks. (2/10)


Actor Review: Maggie Grace – Elizabeth upon returning to town she ends up looking into a mystery that leads her to have visions, uncovers the truth about the town. The only character that works out what is going on, but not a convincing performance at all. (4/10)


Actor Review: Selma Blair – Stevie the DJ who has the best view of the fog heading into the town, but leaves to try and save her son. They ruin the character from the original here where she gets trapped in the lighthouse, this time that makes her leave. Poor performance who never excels in the role (3/10)


Director Review: Rupert Wainwright – Poor attempt at re-creating a classic horror. (4/10)


Horror: Not very scary. (3/10)

Special Effects: Sloppy special effects on creating the ghosts, but some well created death scenes. (5/10)

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: The settings don’t work for the film and the one iconic location doesn’t get used like the original. (4/10)


Suggestion: Just watch the original it is creepier, eerie and overall more entertaining. (Avoid)


Best Part: The idea

Worst Part: The execution of the idea

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Tagline: Their Past Has Come Back To Haunt Them


Overall: Remake Unwanted and Unrequired

Rating 25

Taken 2 (2012)

posterDirector: Oliver Megaton

Writer: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen (Screenplay)

Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Rade Serbedzija


Story: After the events in the first Taken Murad Krasniqi (Serbedzija) wants revenge for all the death in his family. He wants to take out Bryan Mills (Neeson) and his family Kim(Grace) Lenore (Janssen). Can Bryan save his family before it is too late and stop this man from coming back after his family.




Action: Solid action, car chases, hand to hand combat and plenty of guns. (9/10)


Thriller: Still tries to play the edge of your seat stuff but not to the same level as the first one. (7/10)


Settings: Set in Istanbul, which gives it a much tighter feel when all the action takes place. (8/10)


Suggestion: It is a good action thriller but don’t think it will be remembered as much as the original easy to watch though  (7/10)


Best Part: Casual throwing grenades around the city made me laugh


Worst Part: not the most original idea behind the story

Star Performance Liam Neeson


Favourite Character Bryan Mills


Similar Too: Taken


Overall: If you were a fan of the first one you should watch this if you haven’t seen the original then a lot of this won’t make as much sense so overall it is a good follow up but as a stand out fill just feels a bit rushed.


Rating 70%