You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Director: Lynne Ramsay

Writer: Lynne Ramsay (Screenplay) Jonathan Ames (Book)

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola, Alex Manette


Plot: A traumatized veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe’s nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.


Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Divisive to Say the Lease


Story: You Were Never Really Here starts as we meet Joe (Phoenix) a war veteran that has his own nightmares that uses getting bag over head trick to show him what life is worth being a part off, he lives with his insecure mother (Roberts) and works as a fixer, tracking down missing girls for a living.

Joe’s latest job is to help Senator Albert Votto (Manette) find his daughter Nina (Samsonov) who has a habit of running away. When this latest mission gets out of hand, Joe must seek revenge on the people responsible in the bloody way possible.


Thoughts on You Were Never Really Here


Characters – Joe is the veteran that is suffering from his own nightmares, traumatised from his time at war, his outlets include a mix of legal highs and searching for missing girls. He is excellent at getting the job done and can get his hands dirty where needed, he has a close relationship with his mother where he tries his best to care for her, but his latest job will show us just how deadly he can be. Joe’s Mother is the one person Joe opens up to, she is the only one that can keep him grounded through his troubles. Nina is the teenager that went missing, the one he promises to help, we don’t see too much from her other than he is part of his motivation.  

PerformancesThere is no question that Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant in the leading role, we know his struggles he is showing us and watch eagerly to see what he does next. As for the rest of the performers, they are good as they are not trying to take the spotlight away from him.

StoryThe story follows a struggle war veteran with the ability to track down missing people getting involved in a bigger picture that he just wasn’t prepared for. As things get out of hand he continues to question his own sanity as he looks to do the right thing for the latest victim. Well I think that is what I read from the movie, I am not going to lie when I say I feel I may have missed what makes this such the iconic special movie people have been talking about. It just seems to go into the you will need to understand every scene to make the answer to what happened as most of the interesting scenes do seem to miss the point.

MysteryThe mystery parts of this film come from just not knowing just where things will be going, just like Joe who is waiting to see what he has gotten himself into.

SettingsThe film shows us just where Joe can stay away from the public eye but can be in the middle of the scene searching for the answers.

Scene of the Movie –

That Moment That Annoyed Me This movie has been overhyped for me.

Final ThoughtsThis is disappointing for me, because all I have heard is how great this movie is, but by the end of the film it does end up falling very short for me.


Overall: Disappointing.




Dead Silence (2007)

Director: James Wan

Writer: Leigh Whannell, James Wan

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Fairman, Joan Heney, Bob Gunton, Laura Regen, Judith Roberts


Story When a mysterious doll is set to Jamie (Kwanten) and his new wife Lisa (Regen) strange things start to happen. That nigh when Jamie is out something kills Lisa. Jamie believes the doll caused her death, while Detective Lipton (Wahlberg) believes Jamie himself killed her. Jamie travels home to see his father (Gunton) and his new wife Ella (Valletta). While visiting his hometown her learns more about what he thought was just a ghost story. The story of Mary Shaw (Roberts) a ventriloquist who was murdered, but was there more to her death? Can Jamie uncover the truth before he becomes the latest victim?


Verdict Following up on the success of Saw director James Wan and Writer Leigh Whannell give us a beyond the grave ghost story with another great twist ending. The story follows the ABC of horror with the idea of a ghost story becoming a reality which works to good effect by gripping the audience all the way through. The scares are very much using a slow build up leading jump scenes. This as a horror thriller is a very good watch and you should give it a watch if you want simple scares.

Story Mark 8/10 Simple story well told.

Horror Mark 8/10 You can see where the writer and director learnt before the excellent Insidious good jump horror without being truly scary.

Character Development Mark 8/10 Good back stories collected on main characters.

Special Effects Mark 8/10 The victims look very realistic.

Favourite Character Jamie he is clearly upset about what happens to his wife but is more determined to find out the truth.

Least Favourite Character Detective Lipton What is with the razor?

Best Part The twist ending.

Fun Trivia – You can see the Jigsaw doll in the room with 101 dolls in.

Similar Too – Child’s Play, The Ring, The Grudge

My Rating 81%